Ecesis® - a brand by EnviroData Solutions, Inc.

Ecesis® - a brand by EnviroData Solutions, Inc.

- Asbestos Management Software



The Ecesis Asbestos Management Software Solution enables users to simply track and locate areas where asbestos and lead are present as well as centralize inspection and abatement activity records.

Save Time and Money - Standardization and mapping of sample information eliminates data uncertainty and redundant sampling.

Improved Compliance - Centralized records easily demonstrate compliance with OSHA, NESHAP and AHERA requirements.

Risk Reduction - Prevent accidental disturbance and reduce liability by communicating the location of contaminated materials.

Auditable - Generate comprehensive reports that clearly demonstrate sampling and abatement activities.

Rapid Deployment - Create your site's cloud-based asbestos management system and upload existing data within a matter of hours (versus weeks or months).

Cost Effective - Our Asbestos Management Software is less expensive than you might think. Contact us to learn more!

Asbestos Data Management - Simple and centralized management of asbestos information, including:

  • Material inventories (locations, quantities and characteristics)
  • Material photos and survey diagrams
  • Sample collection information
  • Analytical results
  • Maintenance activities
  • Condition assessments
  • Remediation activities

Offline Access - Collect and access asbestos survey and sampling data while in the field using our Mobile Asbestos Survey App.

Asbestos Survey Reports - Quickly generate building-specific asbestos survey reports and asbestos registers.

Building Diagrams - Easily generate building-specific site plans showing the locations of asbestos containing materials.

Abatement Project Management - Efficiently correlate abatement activities to asbestos containing materials and centralize abatement-related reports such as NESHAP Notifications and Industrial Hygiene/Clearance Sampling.

Simplified Inspections - Complete asbestos condition inspections using a phone or tablet along with barcodes. Inspections are automatically uploaded allowing inspection reports to be generated and action items tracked to completion.

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