Ecesis® - a brand by EnviroData Solutions, Inc.

Ecesis® - a brand by EnviroData Solutions, Inc.

- Chemical Management Software



Simplify regulatory reporting and make chemical safety information available when and where your employees need it with the Ecesis® Chemical Management Software and SDS App.

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New Chemical Review - Users may submit chemicals for review and approval. Once submitted, the product information proceeds through a defined workflow to obtain the required approval(s). Once approved, site-specific approval information and associated SDS are listed as approved and are readily accessible.

SDS Management - Centralized database of Safety Data Sheets, which can be readily accessed by on-site personnel using our Mobile SDS App.

SDS Archiving - Maintain historical safety data sheets and inventory data in accordance with OSHA requirements for the maintenance of exposure records in accordance with 20 CFR 1910.1020.

Chemical Inventories - Quickly generate and view real-time lists of on-site and area-specific chemicals. Export chemical facility-specific chemical inventories to an Excel spreadsheet along with a zip file of associated SDS.

Offline Availability - Upload SDS and chemical safety information to mobile devices to make them accessible in remote locations.

Barcode Lookup - Use your mobile device's camera to scan manufacturer UPC codes to retreive SDS and chemical safety information.

Reportable Quantity Tables - A complete copy of EPA's List of Lists is incorporated, which allows users to quickly generate lists of reportable quantities (RQ's) for on-site chemicals and determine if a spill is reportable.

On-Site Quantity Tracking - A number of features are included to facilitate identification and listing of on-site chemicals that contain EPCRA 304, 312, and 313 chemicals. These lists help ensure complete and accurate regulatory reporting under TierI/Tier II, Toxic Release Inventory (TRI), and Extremely Hazard Substance (EHS) regulations.

Inventory Confirmation - Using our Mobile EHS App, users can instantly verify area-specific hazardous chemical inventories and view chemical-specific data, such as reportable quantities while in the field. This information may also be accessed by scanning a manufacturer's barcode.

Accessibility - Quickly access SDSs and labeling information from anywhere using our Mobile EHS App.

Improved Chemical Management - Quickly locate chemicals and determine on-site storage quantities and conditions.

Regulatory Comliance - Maintain backup documentation in support of Federal, State and local regulation such as EPCRA Tier II, EPCRA TRI and Fire Department Hazardous Materials Information Statement (HMIS) reporting requirements.

Rapid Deployment - Create your site's centralized database of safety data sheets in a matter of hours.

Cost Effective - Our Chemical Safety Software is less expensive than you might think; contact us to learn more!

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