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ECO2  is a legally compliant CO2 emissions management tool that can help you control all of your CO2 emission aspects as laid out by the EU ETS directives. It can help you to simplify your enterprise planning by creating a number of emission scenarios for different technological settings and production volumes within your installation.

ECO2 allows you to:
  • Effectively monitor all of your CO2 emissions into one aggregated report,
  • Generate all required reports (standard and customized reports) not only those specified by the ETS directive,
  • Estimate the value of your extra CO2 allowances,
  • Identify the right moments to buy or sell surplus CO2 allowances,
  • Remain fully compliant with the EU Emissions Trading Scheme,
  • Ensure you meet the necessary requirements of the EU ETS directive,
  • Substantially reduce the cost of change caused by changes to the regulatory law,
  • Simplifies data registration,
  • Make your data auditable and trackable for accountancy purposes,
  • Reduce data handling risks and prevent possible future losses,
  • Plan changes and forecast scenarios within your installation simply and effectively.
All data collected within this program can be verified by an external verifier at any time, or you can generate the required pro-forma reports during the verification process.

Product Description
CO2 emission register - this system module lets you run all data registration and CO2emission calculations according to the acceptable methodologies defined by draft decision establishing guidelines for the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.

CO2 emission scenario creator - very flexible tool for facilitating planning of any kind of future development in your installation such as changes in production volume, or capacity of the plant, changes in production technology, or in technological parameters. It is a special tool which allows you to create a number of emission scenarios for different technological settings and production volumes in your installation within and beyond specified trading periods.

CO2 emission reporter - provides reports in formats that are required by the ETS directive for your emission verification starting from March 2006. It allows you to generate any other data compilation including future emission scenarios for the years 2005-2012.

CO2 transaction opportunity sheet - user-friendly, spreadsheet calculator working with emission database scenarios which could be used for identifying the emission allowances trading opportunities.

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