- Monitoring all of your CO2 Emission Data


January 1st 2005 - from this day onwards all of the EU-25 states are legally obliged to implement all the requirements of the EU's Emission Trading Scheme (EU ETS) according to the EU Directive 87/2003/EU. From this day all installations included in this system will have to prepare monitoring systems regarding their emission sources, production parameters and all other information which may have a direct or indirect influence on the amount of CO2 emissions produced.

ATMOTERM Corp. - the leading Polish environmental consulting and IT company have created the powerful and flexible software solution called ECO2Basic which is designed to collect and process all the necessary data required in the CO2 monitoring and inventory process as defined in the EU Decision No. 2004/156/EC establishing guidelines for the monitoring and reporting of greenhouse gas emissions.

The main functions of the ECO2Basic software are:

  • collecting and processing of data relating to installations emitting carbon dioxide - user enters the requested information into the particular layout of the Inventory, these details are then stored in the database, then the CO2 emissions are automatically calculated
  • generating annual CO2 emission report which meets the requirements of the EU Decision No. 2004/156/EC - the final results of the calculations and all requested data are generated in a legally required report

By using ECO2Basic with it's inbuilt legal glossary of emission trading directives, companies can fulfill all their emission inventory obligations as defined by the European legal directives working within the framework of the Emission Trading Scheme through ONE complete piece of software.

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