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ECO2Corp. System is dedicated especially for multinational corporations as an emissions management tool that can help control all CO2 emission aspects as defined by the ETS related EU legislation and local country law. The ECO2Corp. System allows entering, processing and planning all CO2 emission-related data adjusted to the individual monitoring methodologies of the different installations throughout an entire multinational corporation.

ECO2Corp. System consists of two segments:

  • local system – each installation runs a separate application and database e.g. ECO2Standard. This local system gathers, stores, processes and reports all data necessary for the compliance of one single installation
  • central system (ECO2Corp.) – a corporate database in which data for each installation are stored and aggregated to determine company-level total emissions, positions and plans

ECO2Corp. is recommended for multinational corporations, which intend to:

  • operate a CO2 management office centrally in the headquarters
  • have a system that on the level of installation is fully compliant with EU ETS requirements whereas on the central level it only contains relevant data of the Headquarters’ interest
  • simplify CO2 information management within the entire multinational corporation by having a system that enables users from particular countries and installations to generate unified reports which can also be imported automatically to central database
  • fulfill all EU ETS requirements regarding monitoring CO2 emission by using a customizable software solution
  • follow value of currently possessed CO2 emission allowances
  • estimate the impact of production levels on future CO2 emissions and allowances value both for each individual installation and the entire corporation.
  • minimize the risk of negative verification results.

Data gathering*

Headquarters application includes set of functions that facilitates importing, processing selected data from local installations, as well as making company-level plans regards to CO2 emissions in the different installations. The set of data to be imported is defined by the user and follows the corporate reporting needs specific to the company.

Local installation application e.g. ECO2Standard includes a set of functions enabling and making easier to enter full range of required data - beginning from company and installation identification, through details of sources, finishing on fuel or input/output materials consumption and characteristics. Consumption data can be entered with monthly, quarterly or annual resolution. On the basis of entered data final results (e.g. yearly fuel consumption, total emission) are automatically calculated. Functionality implemented in the database (e.g. catalogues, predefined settings relevant to allowed monitoring methodology) supports data gathering correctness.


The ECO2Corp. headquarters application generates following Excel reports:

  • Total monthly emission for whole corporation
  • Monthly emission on installation level
  • Total allowances and emission balance for whole corporation
  • Allowances and emission balance on installation level
  • llowances within 2005-2007 for each level of corporation
  • Emission share - Graphical report which includes share of emission for particular installations with annual resolution presented as the pie chart.

The contents of reports can be customized according to the requirements of individual customer.

The local applications provide a function to generate a non-editable annual CO2 emission report can be generated which regarding format and content meets requirements of the EU Decision No. 2004/156/EC and other local law. Depending on individual needs of the user there is also a possibility to generate different reports for data recording, processing and supporting internal decision making:

  • Monthly Excel report of all gathered data related to CO2 emission
  • Text or graphic report of CO2 emission value as a result of comparison of two created emission scenarios; there is possibility to export data to Excel file and detect possible profits or losses for all created emission scenarios depending on different allowances’ prices variants.

An XML report is also generated including the range of data required by corporation.

Other value adding functions*

Central application allows the user to run simulations of CO2 emission levels on the basis of predicted fuel consumption as well as to analyze CO2 emission allowances balance on a corporate, company or installation level.

In each local database estimation of predicted future CO2 emission amount can be executed in an easy way on the basis of planned fuel or input/output material consumption. User is also provided with information about the CO2 emission allowance current price index downloaded from service. On the basis of the price index the total value of currently possessed allowances is automatically calculated.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Increases effectiveness of defining and controlling the execution of the CO2 strategy for multinational corporations
  • Keeps your CO2 emission management in-line with requirements of EU ETS and local law.
  • Reduces risk of working with inappropriate and/or incomplete data – improves data reliability by controlling data gathering correctness, and by that, reduces cost of verification
  • Provides an easy way of analysis of actual and predicted state of the ETS installation
  • Improves security of the emission data in the company’s management system by giving possibility to back-up and restore database as well as users’ access rights management.

* The exact range of available functions on local level of the system depends on functional version of ECO2

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