- Monitoring all of your CO2 Emission Data


ECO2Premium-CIA is dedicated especially for big installations having complex monitoring procedures as a multi user emissions management tool that can help control all CO2 emission aspects as defined by the EU ETS directives and local country law. It enables users to enter, process and plan of all CO2 emission-related data for individual monitoring methodology throughout the entire company.

ECO2Premium-CIA is recommended for companies, which intend to:

  • enter and process all monitoring data directly into one unified system where data is managed by various users and on various locations within the company depending on the data origin
  • collect data with the same frequency as they are measured
  • fulfill all EU ETS monitoring and reporting requirement
  • follow value of currently possessed CO2 emission allowances
  • estimate impact of production on future CO2 emissions and allowances balance
  • minimize the risk of a negative verification result
  • provide users with a very simple, easy-to-use fully tailor-made solution to enter data into the system.

Data gathering

Database includes a set of functions enabling user to enter full range of required data - beginning from company and installation identification, through details of sources, fuel or input/output materials consumption and characteristics (measurement points and sampling points), entered with any user defined frequency (hourly, daily, monthly, quarterly or annually) as well as specification of data origin (measured, sampled, supplier-defined, law-defined, etc.). Due to the SQL database type applied in ECO2Premium-CIA data can be entered simultaneously by various users from different departments of the company (i.e. from the exact places where the data is actually generated). CO2 emission is calculated automatically by linking quantity and quality parameters of particular batches or stocks of each fuel/material.

Besides the possibility of controlling data management from one central location by an authorized administrator, ECO2Premium-CIA includes different data gathering interfaces for each of those users who should only be engaged with one specific part of the monitoring and reporting process. By this solution users have see-thru input screens designed specifically to their needs which reduces the risk of false or incomplete data input. Using customized interfaces, access right management can also be implemented on the highest grade, so users can be authorized to read/write any individual data point while other points, outside of their scope of duty can be hidden.


Generating non-editable annual CO2 emission report which regarding format and content meets requirements of the EU Decision No. 2004/156/EC and other local law, the most essential ETS report can be easily produced. Depending on individual needs of the user there is also a possibility to generate different reports for data recording, processing and supporting internal decision making with the possibility of making user-defined report templates as well.

Besides annual ETS report requested by the competent authority, ECO2Premium-CIA allows users to generate the following Excel reports:

  • Laboratory report including all measured data of specified measurement points
  • Daily report including quantity data and quality parameters of respective fuels/materials
  • Report including all parameters established for calculations as well as emission amount from each record of fuel/material batch or stock
  • Annual emission report including emission value from each fuel or material in particular months versus possessed allowances
  • logging report including all data changes with nature, time, author and quantity

Thanks to editable format of above reports there is possibility of their further processing in the company’s internal reporting system.

Other value adding functions

CO2 emission planner enables to calculate value of future emissions according to planned production level, taking into consideration the rate of particular fuels/materials consumption versus unit production, emission factors, oxidation/conversion factors. This tool also calculates the balance of possessed allowances and actual emissions. From the supplied information a decision supporting report can be generated with planned and expected CO2 positions.

Advantages and Benefits

  • Keeps CO2 emission management in-line with requirements of EU ETS and local law
  • Supports – and reduces cost of – verification process
  • Provides data collecting directly into the system in the same way they are registered within company. Data can be entered by various users, in various locations, with different frequency.
  • Calculates emission from fuels/materials bathes or stocks binding respective parameters independently entered to the system
  • Provides an easy way of analysis of actual and predicted state of the ETS installation
  • Improves security of the emission data in the company’s management system by giving possibility to back-up and restore database as well as users’ access rights management.

Special features of ECO2Premium-CIA:

  • provides tailor-made user interfaces structuring all necessary data into logical, easy-to-use input screens
  • provides advanced data reliability by using visual help during the data input and by including notifications screens
  • provides advanced access rights management where rights of every single monitoring element (read/write of a certain data point, generation of a certain report etc.) can be associated with users
  • includes advanced logging functions where any data input/change activity performed by the users would be logged and can be exported into Excel.

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