- Monitoring all of your CO2 Emission Data


ECO2Standard is dedicated especially for medium installations with CO2 emissions within 50–500 kt as a stand alone management tool that can help control all CO2 emission aspects defined by the EU legislation and local country law as well as enabling to enter, process and plan of all CO2 emission-related data in a single unified methodology throughout the entire company.

ECO2Standard is recommended for companies, which intend to:

  • fulfill all of ETS requirements,
  • but at the same time also need to:
  • follow value of currently possessed CO2 emission allowances and plan optimal strategy of trading activities
  • estimate CO2 reduction and financial impact resulted from changes in installation structure and/or technology
  • of production process, estimate impact resulted from CO2 emission reduction projects
  • minimize the risk of a negative verification result.

Data gathering

The database includes a set of functions enabling and making easier to enter full range of required data - beginning from company and installation identification, through details of sources, finishing on fuel or input/output materials consumption and characteristics. Consumption data can be entered with monthly, quarterly or annual resolution.

On the basis of entered data final results (e.g. yearly fuel consumption, total emission) are automatically calculated. Functionality implemented in the database (e.g. catalogues, predefined settings relevant to allowed monitoring methodology) supports data gathering correctness.


Generating non-editable annual CO2 emission report which regarding format and content meets requirements of the EU Decision No. 2004/156/EC and other local law, the most essential ETS report can easily be produced. Depending on individual needs of the user there is also a possibility to generate different reports for data recording, processing and supporting internal decision making:

  • Monthly Excel report of all gathered data related to CO2 emission
  • Text or graphic report of CO2 emission value as a result of comparison of two created emission scenarios; there is possibility to export data to Excel file and detect possible profits or losses for all created emission scenarios depending on different allowances’ prices variants.

Other value adding functions

A set of functions were developed in order to help analyses and predictions. To simplify planning process of the future CO2 emission and allowances value, the Scenario Creator function was developed that enables to design number of different variants of technological settings and production volumes in the installation within specified time periods. On the Trading opportunity sheet scenario results can be bound with EUA prices to calibrate optimal conditions for respective trading decisions. Estimation of predicted future CO2 emissions can also be executed in an easy way on the basis of planned fuel or input/output material consumption. User is also provided with information about the current CO2 allowance price index downloaded from service. On the basis of the price index the total value of currently possessed allowances is automatically calculated.

Summary: Advantages and Benefits of ECO2Standard:

  • Keeps CO2 emission management in-line with requirements of EU ETS and local law
  • Reduces risk of working with inappropriate and/or incomplete data – improves data reliability by controlling data gathering correctness, and by that, reduces cost of verification
  • Models actual and predicted developments in an ETS installation by setting up various production and investment scenarios
  • Improves security of the emission data in the company’s data management system by giving possibility to back-up and restore database.

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