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The Eijkelkamp Smart Sensoring concept places you at the centre. Based on your needs, we provide the implementation and functionality for an online environment that enables you to manage your soil and water data. Eijkelkamp Smart Sensoring enables you to effectively and efficiently monitor, visualise and manage quantitative and qualitative data regarding groundwater, surface water, waste water, process water, precipitation, flow rate, soil moisture and flow volume.

Control and overview of your soil and water data

Whether you need to satisfy groundwater requirements, collect measurement data in varying frequencies or develop and implement policy, Carefree Solutions offers you a flexible management instrument that includes continuous monitoring of threshold values.

We install entire monitoring networks and can expand these if required. It doesn’t matter whether existing monitoring points are involved or whether these need to be deployed temporarily or on a project basis. Extensive reporting facilities also enable you to present data via an internal or public online environment.

Carefree Solutions provides security of your measurement data. Together with research institute Alterra (part of Wageningen University & Research Centre in the Netherlands) we have developed a validation tool that guarantees your measurement data reliability.

Carefree Solutions means clear agreements and a transparent price structure. For instance, there’s Carefree Solutions Premium in which we ensure that the monitoring network functions well for a fixed amount per monitoring point per month or year. You will also receive a complete equipment guarantee for the duration of the agreement.

Carefree Solutions. The only thing you need to do is indicate which data you wish to receive, how often and in which way. We’ll do the rest.

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