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EISC’s AutoScheduler is flexible informatics software that provides an immediate solution to an unrecognized opportunity for saving time within the lab: Automating the population of instrument sample schedules directly from a Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) backlog. The AutoScheduler removes the manual entry of Sample ID and sample information into the instrument software, and immediately automates the transfer of a laboratory’s LIMS backlog and batches to the instrument software. This vendor and industry neutral software integrates any lab instrumentation with the capability to receive an electronic transfer.

Introduction to EISC’s AutoScheduler
EISC’s AutoScheduler is a flexible and fully integrated informatics solution for automated transfer of LIMS backlogs and batches to any instrument software (that can receive an electronic transfer) to populate an analytical sample schedule.

Who should consider EISC’s AutoScheduler?
EISC’s AutoScheduler is perfect for analytical laboratories that want to remove the tedious and error prone manual entry tasks in order to save time, ensure the quality of their lab’s data, and dramatically increase their analytical production. This commonly includes all analytical labs within a number of industries; commercial, contract, environmental, food safety, health & safety, water, waste, metallurgy, manufacturing, petrochemical, clinical, air, radiation, pharmaceutical, and forensics.

Seamless Instrument Integration to all Instruments
EISC’s AutoScheduler is vendor neutral software that immediately automates and integrates all laboratory instrumentation software (with the capability to receive an electronic transfer) in order to populate the analytical sample schedule from a LIMS backlog or batches.

Configurable LIMS Linkage
EISC’s AutoScheduler provides a self-definable LIMS linkage section so that laboratories can tailor specific LIMS needs to auto populate instrument software throughout the laboratory. The AutoScheduler works entirely within the labs existing process flow without requiring the laboratory to deviate from their standard process flow.

Implementation and Support
EISC’s AutoScheduler can be self-implemented. However, our support team is always available for full training, implementation, and consultation is via telephone and/or the internet.


  • Integrates all analytical instruments and informatics with the LIMS that can receive electronic transfers to populate analytical sequences on the instrument software
  • Immediate and significant increase in analytical production. Saves up to 2 hours per analyst/per instrument/per day for instruments with large analytical sequences
  • Automates the error prone manual entry task of populating the instrument software with Sample Ids and Information
  • Ensures data quality and integrity

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