IHS Markit

Emergency Operations


Be ready when incidents threaten to escalate into disasters. Efficiently manage both routine emergency operations center activities and real-time crisis response operations. IHS saves you time and money while strengthening every phase of emergency planning, preparedness, response and recovery.

Manage your emergency response operations more effectively with IHS software, content and expertise – including automated standard operating procedure checklists, status boards, situation reports, resources inventories, maps and data sources, educational materials and training. IHS supports comprehensive crisis command and control systems that meet the requirements of the Incident Command System (ICS) and the National Incident Management System (NIMS).

The unified IHS approach to EHS&S information management also provides you with the opportunity to access thousands of Safety Data Sheets (SDSs) and other data gathered for environmental, health and safety compliance so you can use it to safeguard emergency responders and neighboring communities.

Key benefits:

  • Streamlines standard operating procedures for faster, more efficient mobilization and then creates task checklists and automatically logs task status through completion
  • Captures, manages and communicates up-to-the-minute crisis data for effective management of resources and response operations across multiple impact areas
  • Reduces costs and risks associated with planning and executing emergency exercises
  • Leverages tools for nuclear, biological, and chemical warfare, and industrial or transportation-related chemical releases as well as templates for weather, communications, medical, transportation and incident-specific planning
  • Deploys resources, then monitors and demobilizes as warranted – tracking critical equipment inventories, shelters, emergency provisions as well as response staff and strike team members
  • Manages training certifications, positions and deployments
  • Offers mapping with links to other geographic information systems to provide maps, aerial and satellite images that will give your response team a tactical advantage

With IHS software, content and expertise, you can make EHS&S emergency operations part of a unified strategy for Enterprise Sustainability Management, supported by a single world-class provider.