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EnergyCAP energy management software is the award-winning, 30-year leader. It tracks your utility bills and energy data, spots errors, produces energy and sustainability reports, and helps you manage your energy information.


EnergyCAP Enterprise is for organizations that process hundreds or thousands of utility bills. Clients include larger corporations; universities; city, county, and state governments; and federal agencies.

  • Installed network client-server with optional Web reporting
  • Solves the complex needs of enterprise-wide energy management
  • Imports EDI electronic utility bills
  • Interfaces with accounting and metering systems
  • Distributes utility bill charges to shared and tenant facilities
  • Advanced industry compliant Measurement & Verification calculations and normalizations

EnergyCAP Express is an online, SaaS (software as a service) version designed for small and medium-sized organizations like colleges, local governments, and multi-site businesses.

  • Utility bill tracking, auditing, and reporting in a Web-based system
  • Import and export data in Excel spreadsheet format
  • Dozens of Help videos
  • Automatic degree day reports, calendar-and-weather normalized
  • Advanced benchmarking and ENERGY STAR interface
  • Carbon footprint calculation and reporting

You can use the accompanying detailed Feature Comparison Guide to compare these versions.

The price of the Enterprise solution is dependent on a number of factors such that you will need to contact us to obtain a quote. The pricing for EnergyCAP Express can be found below.

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