Enview Voice Information System


The Enview Voice Information System (EnvVis) is a set of software applications built to provide interactive information on the air quality of a region. The base level of the voice system supports two simultaneous call-ins by users. The interactive voice system is built around a ProLine 2V Voice Processing Board installed in the Windows 98, Voice PC. Details on this card are provided in Appendix A. Envitech Ltd. developed the EnvVis custom application software for the Pima County Department of Environmental Quality. The program is written in VB 6. It utilizes an Active X Control called VoiceBocx/analog from Parity Software. This OCX license is not included with the system. In addition the file conversion utility VoxStudio from Xentec has been used to record and convert files form wav to VOX format. This license is not included in the system.

Pima County is being granted access to the EnvVis code for support and program revision activities, however the code remains the sole property of Envitech Ltd. and may not be resold or given away without the express consent of Envitech Ltd.

The EnvVis application publishes information on the AQI that has been updated every hour. The menu selection and the information responses were designed and recorded by Pima County personnel. The system script is provided in Appendix B.

To function, the EnvVis application works in conjunction with two other programs, Voice and AutoVoice. Voice is a MS Access application that is essentially identical to the Reporter application. Voice uses a local copy of the TB_ATO in which to contains the definition of the AQI report that is executed automatically every hour. This separates the voice system’s automatic reporting from the general automatic reporting capability installed on the DR DAS Polling PC. Voice also contains several additional queries that obtain data for the voice system when callers make their selections. AutoVoice is essentially identical to AutoReport except that is designed to work with Voice.mdb instead of Reporter.mdb. AutoVoice is described in Appendix C.

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