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The first step to reducing your carbon footprint (and identifying cost savings) is having the right solution in place. EnviroChart is a single centralised system designed to capture, analyse and report energy, waste and water consumption, greenhouse gas emissions and production metrics. EnviroChart is a comprehensive environment reporting solution that provides business with tools and utilities to: Track inputs, emissions and intensities, manage abatement projects, reduce compliance costs, manage their  impact on the environment.

Organisations globally are facing increasing pressure from both governments and the public to reduce their carbon footprint. The challenge facing companies today is how to effectively report carbon intensities, monitor the success of their abatement initiatives and meet statutory and regulatory requirements.

These challenges become increasingly more difficult as company operations are dispersed across multiple sites, states and countries. Concerns include onerous government reporting obligations and the responsibilities placed on OHS & E departments to provide accurate and timely data for compliance purposes.

EnviroChart offers a simple yet detailed management tool for reporting utilisation data, carbon intensities and abatement projects in a secure dashboard like manner.

EnviroChart features and benefits include:

  • Track sustainability metrics
  • Increase compliance assurance
  • Minimise risk and reduce compliance costs
  • Report by site or across the enterprise
  • Integrate with company ERP systems
  • Import data from ERP systems or utilities
  • Identify, target and achieve efficiency objectives
  • Provide savings for both: (a) the environment; and (b) the organisation

EnviroChart offers a simple yet sophisticated way to track, manage and optimise your organisation’s carbon footprint.

Managing your company’s carbon footprint can be overwhelming: 

  • It’s time-consuming: 
    Data comes from different sources in different formats; Stakeholders need constant remainders to provide timely data.

  • It’s difficult: 
    Statutory reporting requirements are continually evolving; Management needs a global view of the business.

  • It’s important:
    Data is required for company and regulatory reporting; Abatement initiatives impact on the bottom line; Activities promote good corporate citizenship and long term sustainability.

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