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With the world class features of EnviroMSDS Authoring Software, it's a snap to create an SDS. Simply enter the information and EnviroMSDS will automatically generate an SDS in the chosen format and language - in a matter of seconds. You can add or modify new information on the fly, as well as maintain Working, Approved, and Archived copies of your work.

Intuitive Graphical Interface
Data is easily entered for each SDS by the help of drop down lists, pick lists and automatic phrase filtering.  Each of the 16 sections can be accessed and maintained by different departments.

What You See Is What You Get.  Any change to an SDS is automatically displayed in the chosen format and language exactly how it will appear when printed.

Multilingual Support
With our Language and Translation Assistants, you can translate your SDS into virtually any language or let us do the translations for you.
Once a phrase is translated, any SDS or Label containing that phrase will automatically display the translated information.   With the Language Notification Agent, you will be notified of all phrases in an SDS that require translation, if any, prior to release.
Each Language Phrase Module includes Titles for the U.S. HazCom GHS, European GHS, Canadian GHS and other SDS formats and the GHS, recommended ANSI and R&S (European Risk and Safety) phrases for use in authoring SDS and Hazardous Labels.

Automatic PDF file output
Secure and protect your SDS.  With our built-in PDFWriter you can create SDS 's in PDF format without Acrobat.  Every SDS is generated into PDF format for use on the Internet or your company Intranet.

Multi-SDS Format Support
EnviroMSDS Authoring comes standard with built-in formats:  U.S. HazCom GHS, EU GHS, EU GHS/CLP,  and Canadian GHS formats. 

Revision Control
Each SDS is a working copy until approved.  Upon each approval, the previous revision is archived along with the changes made.  The newly revised SDS 's version number is automatically incremented.

Re-Labeling Support
(Also known as re-branding or alternate product naming).  This feature allows authors to easily manage those materials that are marketed under a variety of Product / Trade names.  Simply select a product, enter a new SDS# and Trade Name and even a different Manufacturer (site, location, logo, etc...) and you're done.  The SDS will automatically be generated for you. e

Chemical Formulation Management
This feature allows authors to enter all of the raw materials for a product and select which raw materials will be displayed on the SDS, which will not be displayed and which are displayed as a Trade Secret.

The authors can print a Bill of Material report, for internal use,  for any product that displays all raw materials, Wt% and Volume% (for gases).

Product Formulation Blending
This feature allows authors to blend existing single or multiple raw material products simply by defining a percentage of each product you want to blend to produce a new product.  Let EnviroMSDS do the rest and generate the SDS for the new product in a matter of seconds.

The Chemical Database
Fully expandable, you can include all of the chemical information that you wish. You can add, modify, and save new chemical/component information as needed. Search and locate specific ingredients by CAS number, chemical name, common name, Item Number or synonym.

The Manufacturer Database
Stores your company information and logo - and it expands to include all the information that you wish. Have all of your sites, plants, divisions, etc. at your fingertips.

The Phrase Library
The Phrase Library manages your company's standard phrases and develops a centralized repository that may be shared by other sources outside of EnviroMSDS. The Phrase Library comes pre-loaded with the GHS, recommended ANSI and R&S (European Risk and Safety) phrases.

The Hazard Symbols
Allows you to place the GHS, DOT, EEC and WHMIS pictograms on your SDS and Labels.  You can even add your own custom symbols with the Hazard Symbol Manager.

Multi-Level Security
Level 1 grants all access.  Level 2 cannot access the security system but accesses all other parts of the system.  Level 3 can access most of the system but cannot approve an SDS or access the security system.  Level 4 is a view-only level. EnviroMSDS has a user log-on screen with User Name and encrypted Password protection.

Superior Reporting Capabilities
The Report & Label Manager allows you to design and save your own custom Reports and Labels  (e.g. you could find all SDS that have a Flash-Point of 10 ºC, or locate all products that contain ingredients listed under Proposition 65). Search and retrieve information on anything in EnviroMSDS.

Built-in Report Templates provided.

GHS Label Generation
Easily create and print labels in various sizes, quantities and languages with logos, pictograms and appropriate GHS and safety information.  Directly from the information provided on any SDS.

Built-in Label Templates provided.

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