IHS Markit

Environmental Permit Management & Regulatory Applicability


Track and manage changes associated with all forms of requirements, including environmental permitting, regulatory requirements, and policies and procedures across your organization. IHS streamlines your processes by delivering relevant content, verifying completion of required actions and providing up-to-the-minute compliance status reports for air, water and waste emissions, as well as chemical management.

The ability to respond to compliance requirements starts with an understanding of the regulations, permit conditions and corporate policies that affect you. IHS software, content and expertise provide you with a flexible framework to determine which requirements apply, then enables you to monitor and manage the impacts of operational or regulatory changes to ensure that these policies, compliance and permit regulations are met.

Regulations and permits can vary widely across jurisdictions. In addition, more complex legislation is being systematically introduced, such as the European Industrial Emissions Directive, which is designed to integrate permit requirements across the whole environmental performance of a plant, including air, water, waste, energy efficiency and the prevention of accidents. IHS helps mitigate your compliance risks by enabling you to build an automated profile that lists all of your permitting and regulatory requirements. Once data is entered, authorized users can simply update compliance status as needed to confirm fulfillment of requirements. IHS enables more efficient compliance workflows by:

  • Easing the process of determining regulatory applicability with the provision of online regulatory content
  • Providing a standard framework to effectively manage and apply corporate policies and procedures 
  • Tracking the rules that apply to your facility and the impact on your operations 
  • Centralizing and managing permitting profiles, including storing documents electronically, such as completion evidence, reports, or letters to agencies.
  • Tracking permit status from initial submission to approval, including the most minute, one-off and recurring tasks
  • Documenting the fact that required compliance tasks have been fully and correctly completed and providing automatic notification if a task is out of scope.
  • Providing a robust auditing and history tracking capability to support changes in any compliance related limits

IHS also provides regulatory information content to support permitting and compliance. Online regulatory content is available with automatic notification of legislative changes. The combination of IHS content with our software enables quick identification of specific tasks and operations that may be impacted by regulatory changes so decision makers can easily adjust work processes to maintain compliance.

With IHS software, data and expertise, you can make EHS&S permitting management and regulatory applicability part of a unified strategy for Enterprise Sustainability Management, supported by a single, world-class provider.