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The EnviroWare Dashboard website allows EnviroWare customers to provide access to profile and shipment data to their customers. The dashboard may also be used for internal use. The customer data files will be sent to the dashboard server daily for up to date reporting. EnviroWare customers will have a system administration screen within the dashboard to create a dashboard login for selected customers. The dashboard is sold as a SaaS model with a monthly fee and it is billed yearly.

  • Interactive dashboards and charts
  • Search, view, and export profile and manifest data
  • Run reports
  • Custom development is available

EnviroWare provides you with a set of flexible functions that allow the user to easily adapt the software to their business needs. Below are some screenshots and brief descriptions for some of the software’s key functions.

Client/Vendor Management

EnviroWare provides central management for all the vendors that your company interacts with to manage your waste.

  • Centralized screen to maintain all vendors
  • Maintain all contact information
  • Summary screen of important vendor information including: profiles, manifests, pricing, etc.


EnviroWare provides the ability to create and manage waste profiles to help streamline the process of entering data for manifest creation.

  • Characterize hazardous and non-hazardous materials
  • Establish default product/service and process
  • Establish DOT shipping information
  • Maintain biennial codes
  • Maintain TCLP/Physical characterization/chemical composition
  • Waste codes
  • Approvals/certification signatures


EnviroWare helps to simplify compliance and paperwork creation by streamlining the creation of hazardous/non-hazardous manifests and bills of lading.

  • Track proper manifest IDs (universal, federal, customer manifests
  • Track generator and bill-to, multiple transporters, pickup sites
  • Maintain waste codes
  • Maintain clerical data
  • Certification of disposal information
  • Notes
  • Edit and view container information
  • Special handling instructions

Interactive Dashboards and Charts

Our custom development services enable us to develop custom, interactive applications to keep dashboards and charts organized and efficient..

  • SaaS model
  • Custom pages and layout
  • Personalized organization of profiles and manifest data

Searchable Profile Data and Microsoft Excel/CSV Export capabilities

Operations teams can utilize EnviroWare to gain more control over searching profile data.

  • Microsoft Excel/CSV Export Capabilities
  • Helpful search tools
  • Organized profile data

Searchable Shipment Data and Microsoft Excel/CSV Export Capabilities

Operations teams can utilize EnviroWare to gain more control over searching shipment data.

  • Microsoft Excel/CSV Export Capabilities
  • Helpful search tools
  • Organized shipment data

Customizable Reports

Our report creation services include the development of customer specific reports.

  • Profile
  • Quote
  • LDR
  • TRI
  • Invoice
  • Biennial

Custom Development

Custom development is available for additional/new web pages and dashboards

  • Custom applications
  • Screen customization services
  • Customer-specific software enhancements
  • Creation of new screens

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