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Simple, fast and intuitive web based software. No Licence, No Installation, No cost, No Credit Card. Data can be manually entered as well as exported from ESdat. Start Immediately.

ESlog presentation software is simple, fast and intuitive web based software for the reporting of boring and well log data. No setup or installation is required. ESlog is easy to use from your favourite web browser with the ability to create logs and see edits as you make them.

  • Browser based No setup or install required
  • Licence? No ESlog licence required
  • Who can use? Anyone can use ESlog
  • Rapid Simple, easy to use interface
  • Templates Select from our list or edit your own
  • Branding? Add your company logo
  • ESdat Users Export direct from ESdat
  • pLog Users integrate with ESdat & ESlog
  • Export to PDF for your reports

EASY TO USE: Create logs with your favourite browser and see edits as you make them

TIME SAVED: No training required, just point where you want to enter data, click and start typing

RELIABLE: ESlog is produced by EScIS, the company that brings you ESdat. EScIS are Experienced scientists & developers providing market leading practical solutions

MORE EMDS SOLUTIONS: explore the website to learn more about our range of scalable products to meet your needs.

Customer reviews

  1. By Warwick Wood on

    Great Software