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Esri Aeronautical Solution provides a true GIS-based platform to manage aeronautical data and rapidly produce high-quality charts that adhere to industry- and organization-specific requirements. With Esri Aeronautical Solution, civil and military agencies, commercial airlines, and chart producers can create, maintain, and use standard aeronautical products based on the latest digital data.

With Esri Aeronautical Solution, you can

  • Significantly reduce chart production time by managing and generating aeronautical charts from a central database-driven system.
  • Produce charts to your cartographic specifications from the database, including International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)-compliant charts.
  • Add value for customers by supporting custom requests.
  • Share data within the aeronautical community using the Aeronautical Information Exchange Model (AIXM).
  • Enhance data quality through the direct loading of digital changes and automated change-verification workflow management.


With the publication of Advisory Circular 150/5300-18B, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has established a comprehensive digital data standard and roadmap forming the basis of what is called the FAA Airport Surveying - GIS Program (Airports GIS). Airports GIS will allow the FAA to establish more agile communication and coordination with airports as well as to facilitate better decision making using consistent and accurate data that has been verified through a rigorous quality assurance process. Additionally, Airports GIS is a key enabler for the Next Generation National Air Transportation System, often referred to as NextGen.

U.S. airports face challenges in submitting quality data that complies with regulations without the need for rework. The Esri Aeronautical Solution—Airports GIS Package provides a complete GIS platform enabling airports to leverage their GIS data using tools, templates, and workflows specifically developed to support Airports GIS. In addition, Airports GIS data and the Esri Aeronautical Solution are powerful tools for airports, introducing efficiencies and new capabilities into their planning, maintenance, and day-to-day operations.

Although developed to support FAA requirements, the Airports GIS Package provides a suite of tools and capabilities that represent best practices for airports both in the US and internationally. International airports and their consultants will find the Airports GIS Package provides robust data quality and management capabilities supporting other standards such as ICAO’s Annex 14 and the Aeronautical Data Quality (ADQ) requirements adopted by the European Commission in 2010.

Esri Aeronautical Solution includes tools and features to enable aeronautical information management and database-driven cartographic production of aeronautical charts.

Data Management Tools

  • Geodesic feature creation via a parameter-based editing wizard (Feature Builder [PDF]) for construction of complex aeronautical features.
  • Rule-based validation on the fly during editing, with user configurable, table-based rules engine
  • Ability to work with distributed teams via database replication/synchronization, which allows databases to automatically synchronize changes between offices, teams, or Civil
    Aviation Authority (CAA) contractors
  • Robust visualization and publishing tools to share central database content as Web services
  • Relationship-based editing model provides database relationships between feature types to users through related features during feature editing via a tree view. For example, an airport may have multiple runways, and the application provides a one-click cascade into related features
  • Tracking, visualization, and reporting of historical database states
  • Temporal support for cyclical production (28-day product cycles) via long transaction (database versions)
  • Import and export of AIXM 4.5 enabled through the ArcGIS Data Interoperability extension to connect with Esri Aeronautical Solution and the Aeronautical Information Conceptual Model (AICM)
  • Ability to manage obstacle data using an eTOD compliant data model and automated Obstacle Identification Surface geoprocessing tools supporting both FAA and ICAO standards

Product Management Tools

  • Symbology and text via the Visual Specifications tool to define and manage specifications for symbology and labeling
  • Automated text generation and management utilities to batch-generate annotation and manage multiscale annotation classes
  • Masking management to store and share masking rules in a database providing uniform application of masks (Masks are batch-updated based on the rule base defined by the user)

Workflow Management Tools

  • Workflow management and tracking to manage workflows, control processes, track job progress, and maintain feature edit history (Within ArcMap, a task assistant can be configured to streamline the production process even further)

Esri Aeronautical Solution includes tools for workflow management, quality control, and cartographic product generation. The solution also comes with a complete workflow tutorial as well as a sample database, charts, and templates.

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First-year maintenance is included in the license of Aeronautical Solution. Maintenance includes technical support, updates, and many other benefits.

Aeronautical Solution is available as a single- or concurrent-use license. Use of Esri software is subject to the Esri License Agreement [PDF].

Training and Implementation Packages
If you need Aeronautical Solution training, you have many training options.

  • Standard classroom training
  • Custom workshop
  • On-site implementation and configuration support
  • Remote implementation and configuration support

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