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FlightDECK provides you with secure access to all data collected by Fulcrum3D monitoring systems. FlightDECK collects, stores and verifies client data for secure download over the web, and allows users to manage their equipment locations and configurations. FlightDECK data is available live, shortly after it has been measured in the field. Data can also be made available via machine-scripted download, allowing users to schedule data retrieval to automatically download into their own data management systems.

FlightDECK clients are now able to: 

  • login via Fulcrum3D’s secure server;
  • set up project sites and monitoring locations;
  • view monitoring systems currently installed at each site location;
  • review current monitoring system alarms;
  • view details of available data by project site and monitoring location;
  • access and download data from all Fulcrum3D monitoring systems in various formats.

Additional functions currently under development include:

  • monitoring system installation and maintenance history reports;
  • data analysis and reporting functions including statistical analysis and charting of time series, wind roses, wind shear, correlations, ratios etc;
  • upload of data from third party monitoring systems into FlightDECK.

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