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Our carbon footprinting software Footprint Expert enables you to produce fast and consistent carbon footprint measurements for products and services.

Footprint Expert 4.0 now fully supports PAS2050:2011 and the GHG Protocol Product standard

A carbon footprint of a product of service is an assessment of the greenhouse gas emissions that are released as part of the product's lifecycle. This lifecycle consists of all the activities associated with that product, and typically includes the following stages:

There are many reasons why calculating a carbon footprint of your products and services can be beneficial for your organisation. It can enable you to:

  • Identify cost savings across the supply chain
  • Identify opportunities to reduce environmental impact through reductions in material use, water, waste and energy
  • Inform innovation for low carbon and sustainable product design
  • Understand supply chain risks
  • Prepare for future legislation
  • Enhance your brand and win tenders with business-to-business customers though better environmental credentials, carbon labelling and communications.

Footprint Expert is a software tool that enables you to calculate the greenhouse gas emissions at each lifecycle stage in a simple and consistent manner, to generate an overall carbon footprint for your products or services.

The tool leverages the knowledge of the Carbon Trust to reduce both the time taken and cost of calculating the carbon footprint and has been designed to comply with the globally-recognised product carbon footprinting standards, PAS 2050 and the GHG Protocol Product standard..

You can use Footprint Expert by purchasing a 1-year licence, which gives you access to all the components of the toolkit, including:

  • A framework that enables primary data to be entered quickly and easily.
  • A large database of secondary data that is compliant with the PAS2050 and GHG Protocol standards, and which is regularly updated.
  • A set of calculators that are designed to minimise complexity and ensure consistency. They cover common activities such as domestic refrigeration, supermarket storage, road transport and paper manufacturing, and new calculators are added in each release.
  • A guide that provides straightforward, prescriptive and comprehensive guidance and rules on how footprint assessments should be conducted.
  • A hotspot calculator designed to calculate a top-line footprint extremely quickly, without the need for a comprehensive data-gathering process.

Contact us for further information about a licence for Footprint Expert.

Your 1-year licence will entitle you to free upgrades during this period, including new data, calculators and guidance information.

Many users of Footprint Expert find that attending one of our training courses is an invaluable help when starting their first product carbon footprinting project. These courses are designed to give a good overview of the fundamentals of carbon footprinting, and provide practical advice on how to manage a footprinting project. Delegates learn how to use Footprint Expert to calculate the carbon footprint of a product or service, and gain practical experience through a case study.These training sessions are held in London and include lunch and refreshments. The course costs £900+VAT per person and the Footprint Expert licence is a prerequisite to the training course. The next two-day training course will be held in London on 11-12th September 2012.

The Carbon Trust are leading experts in product carbon footprinting, having developed the PAS 2050 standard in partnership with the British Standards Institute (BSI) and the UK government. This was the first standard to establish a consistent methodology to assess the greenhouse gas emissions associated with a product or service throughout its entire lifecycle.

In addition, the Carbon Trust set up the first global carbon labelling scheme, the Carbon Reduction Label, which has so far been used by over 90 brands in 19 countries, with a combined annual sales revenue of over £2 billion.


Carbon Trust has worked with hundreds of organisations around the world and produced thousands of carbon footprint assessments that have had a positive impact on both the environment and business profitability.

Our work includes:

  • 27,000 certifiable product carbon footprints
  • The Scope 3 Calculation Guidance for the WRI/WBCSD Corporate Value Chain Standard and the PAS 2050 Standard for product footprinting, which we co-authored
  • The creation of leading product carbon footprinting software, Footprint  Expert, which has been used to footprint more than 5,500 products with an annual turnover of £2.7billion
  • A range of services that measure the entire value chain footprint of an organisation and even whole industries.

Footprint measurement and analysis

We can develop a certifiable organisational or product footprint for your organisation. This can help boost sales, enhance your corporate brand and identify cost savings and product-development opportunities.

Our value-chain footprinting can be tailored to support the needs of your specific organisation. We develop certifiable footprinting models that are aligned to GHG protocol and PAS 2050, and analyse the data to pinpoint opportunities for your business. We also assess value-chain carbon footprints to identify broader risks and business opportunities around international markets, pricing strategies and entry points for new products and services.  

Contact us for more information on our footprinting services.

The new Value Chain Hotspotter is a tool that provides organisations from all sectors with a rapid assessment of the carbon 'hotspots' in your value chain, allowing you to identify risks and reduction opportunities.

Our Footprint Expert tool produces fast, reliable and certifiable carbon footprint measurements for products and services. It provides insights into a product's lifecycle and emissions, unlocking opportunities to reduce its environmental impact through eco-design, operational efficiency, working with suppliers and raising consumer awareness.  The tool leverages the knowledge of the Carbon Trust to reduce both the time taken and cost of calculating the carbon footprint.

Footprint Expert has been designed to comply with the recognised global standard for product carbon footprinting, PAS 2050.  Footprint Expert has been used by many leading companies such as Dyson, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, Tesco and Marks & Spencer.

If you would like to calculate the carbon footprint of your products or services, we can provide step-by-step training to help you get started

The Carbon Trust Value Chain Hotspotter helps you understand your value chain footprint, allowing you to identify risks and reduction opportunities.

The Corporate Value Chain (Scope 3) standard released in 2011 supports organisations in measuring, managing and reporting GHG emissions which arise outside their own operations. Based on the Carbon Trust's decade of experience footprinting thousands of businesses and products, there is clear evidence that having a robust carbon management strategy across a corporate value chain can deliver significant rewards, both reputational and financial.

Where should I start?

The value chain is uncharted territory for many organisations; with 15 Scope 3 categories ranging from Purchased Goods and Services to Employee Commuting there is a lot of data to collect and understand.

The new Value Chain Hotspotter is a tool that provides organisations from all sectors a rapid assessment of the carbon 'hotspots' in their organisation. The Value Chain Hotspotter brings together CRedit360's award winning sustainability software with Carbon Trust's recognised footprinting expertise. The output is an easy to use tool that offers an accessible, reliable and scalable start to evaluating Scope 3 emissions.

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