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Matrix Gemini and Matrix Tracker software are highly configurable and can be used to meet the specific requirements of a forensic system both in terms of managing the laboratory information and storage and tracking of evidence.

Benefits of Matrix Gemini and Matrix Tracker for Forensic Systems include:

  • Ability to track and trace all evidence including laboratory data, physical exhibits and associated documents
  • All information associated with a case can be tracked and collated
  • Chain of custody tracking for samples and physical evidence
  • Sample status can be monitored from registration through testing to approval of results
  • Case or sample result reports and management reports are all available
  • System access determined at log-in

A forensic information management system needs to be a highly configurable solution to meet the requirements of all the different areas covered. This may include evidence storage and tracking, laboratory data management, DNA sample management and reporting for cases as well as management reporting for case status, workloads, turnaround times etc. Matrix Gemini can be configured as an evidence tracking system to record where samples, images and other physical evidence is stored. It must also be able to produce a chain-of -custody report for each item stored within the system. The same Matrix Gemini software can also be configured to provide a complete information management system for the laboratory tracking samples from registration through testing and result entry through to reporting. All of this functionality in a single solution will meet the needs of the forensic service. Access to the system is via a non-hierarchical secure log-in which gives people access to the parts of the system they use but keeps the rest of the system and information it contains secure.

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