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- Version CombiSoft - Data Logging and System Managment Tool


The CombiSoft datalogging system is a powerful tool. It connects to GDS Technologies Combi gas detection system and allows total control of system parameters and control functions. The software not only allows data logging, but provides real-time views of the system, showing sensor locations, alarms, status and actual gas values / levels. The software allows total configuration of all the sensors within a building. An almost limitless amount of data can be collected allowing years of data records to be stored, inspected and analysed at the touch of a button.

  • Data logging
    • Log all sensors at individual sample rates simultaneously.
    • Save up to 4GB per sensor of data. (Equates ~up to 10 years logging time)*
    • Saves values and alarm status, accurately time stamped.
    • Pre and Post log data filtering.
      • Pre-log filtering allows noise removal by averaging a user defined period at a selected resolution.
      • Post-log filtering allows large amounts of data to be narrowed down to contain the vital important data.
    • Compatible with Excel 2003 and 2007.
  • Data Exportation
    • Export graphs as images.
    • Export data to text, CSV file or directly to excel.
    • Export data with filtering.
  • System Configuration
    • Configure all sensors quickly and easily from a laptop or PC.
    • Calbirate sensors automatically with speed and ease.
    • Setup relay patterns and sequencing.
    • Backup the system configuration.
    • Adjust alarm levels.
  • System Diagnostics
  • PC Communication : Communicates over RS232 (COM port / USB adaptor required

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