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Predix is GE’s software platform for the Industrial Internet. Predix enables asset performance management (APM) and operations optimization by providing a standard way to run industrial-scale analytics and connect machines, data, and people. Deployed on machines, on-premise, or in the cloud, Predix combines an industry-leading stack of technologies for distributed computing and big data analytics, asset data management, machine-to-machine communication, and mobility.

Predix Powers Predictivity

Predictivity solutions provide advanced technology for asset and operations optimization across a wide range of industrial sectors. Forward-thinking business leaders embrace Predix to run their Predictivity solutions to avoid downtime, maximize profits, and manage risk. Choose from an increasing number of Predictivity solutions powered by Predix.



  • Easily connect machines to the Industrial Internet
  • Embed analytics into machines, making them intelligent and self-aware
  • Retrofit and upgrade machine software without mechanical modifications


Industrial Big Data

  • Gain actionable insights from massive amounts of high-velocity machine data
  • Manage all your assets, from steel bolts to smart factories
  • Orchestrate analytics processing in real-time across distributed machines and data, over deterministic networks


Modern Architecture

  • Deliver consumer-grade mobile experiences for industry-grade control and insights
  • Big data computing fabric including Apache™ Hadoop®, historians, and graphs
  • Cloud-agnostic platform; runs on machines, in your data centers, or in public clouds

Resilient & Secure
  • Control access to assets while enhancing communications between machines, networks, and systems
  • Attain high-availability for mission critical applications
  • Control data across machines, networks, and clouds

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