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- Version 5 - Borehole and Monitoring Well Installation Logging Software


GEOSYSTEM Software is pleased to be an authorized reseller for Dataforensics' PLog PDA borehole/well logging software. PLog is a program for Palm-compatible PDAs that allows users to record data for soil boring and rock coring jobs, along with monitoring well and slope inclinometer installations.

  • Log all of the data taken during the course of an exploratory boring, including the blow counts, sample lengths and types and stratigraphy layer changes, on your Palm-compatible PDA.
  • PLog's selection lists greatly simplify the data entry process: Use a PC to enter drillers' names, drilling methods, sampler types and well installation sections, then download the lists to PLog on your PDA. While you're entering boring log data on the PDA, pick your driller, method, sampler type and well installation selections from PLog's drop-down lists.
  • PLog can help you build your soil descriptions from drop-down list selections for the soil classification, consistency, color, constituents, angularity, moisture condition, etc., all without using the keyboard.
  • There's no need to enter complex soil descriptions more than once because PLog gives you the option to copy soil descriptions, even from previously-entered boring logs.


Our LOGDRAFT boring log software now directly imports data from PLog through a very quick procedure:

    1. HotSync your PDA to import your PLog data into your PC.
    2. Start LOGDRAFT and open the project file that you've created for the project you've logged with PLog, or create a new project using 'Project' > 'New'.
    3. After you have your project open, select 'Tools' > 'Import PLog Data'.

That's it! Use LOGDRAFT's source folder list to check each of your newly-imported borings for completeness, then hit the 'Print' toolbar button and you're done.

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