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- Univariant Quantitative Analysis Software


GRAMS for the M530/M500 adds powerful data manipulation and spectral search capabilities in a Windows environment. The software can acquire, view, process, and organize data directly from the M530/M500. GRAMS has the fastest and highest quality graphics available in analytical software. Data processing capabilities are fast and accurate, providing reliable results for all calculations.

Dynamic data Exchange (DDE) allows data to be imported directly from the M530/M500 or from other Windows applications such as spreadsheets. Graphics can also be placed with just a simple point and click of the mouse.

The search module displays chemical structures and supports searching chemical/physical properties contained in third party spectral libraries.

  • Product Name: GRAMS Univariant Quantitative Analysis software
  • Package Type: Each
  • Units Per Package: 1
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 1

Report Generation provides powerful viewing and printing of search results. A hit report with up to 300 hits can be generated for each search. The search is automatically saved to a disk and linked with the unknown spectrum. Search results are viewed in tabular form along with the unknown and library spectra. The spectra can be stacked, overlaid, and zoomed to view detailed features.

Libraries from Thermo Galactic, and custom libraries can be easily created. Parameters for spectral range, unit type, and resolution can also be set by each user. A unique 'clone' feature makes all the libraries created by the user consistent. When new spectra are added to a library, the data is automatically converted to conform with the library format.

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