Graphic Information System & Database For Wastewater Schemes (GIDAS)

The idea behind GIDAS is give municipalities a tool for maintaining their wastewater schemes, both as maps and data, in an easy and optimal way that allows for continuous updating. GIDAS consists of a GIS section and a database section, with full integration between graphics and data. This implies that GIDAS offers dynamic planning, since corrections are automatically integrated into the total scheme. The qualities which seperate GIDAS from similar systems is the highly user-friendly and flexible platform that among others allows for communication via the internet. In addition GIDAS does not require expensive investments in additional software, thus giving a considerable cost difference. GIDAS can run either independantly or as an integrated tools in the pre-existing GIS environment. Furthermore, GIDAS can be set up to be an active component in ArcView or MapInfo. The GIDAS map section can thus be integrated with the rest of municipal GIS-based sector and district plans. The GIDAS database contains a wealth of unique facilities which for instance calibrate substance and flow data from external information for instance from measurements from treatment facilities.

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