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Groundwater and Contaminant and Heat Transport Software

The SPRING finite element-based software is developed by our german partner delta h. SPRING main capabilities are: 2D/3D groundwater flow; steady-state/transient, saturated and unsaturated flow regimes; density dependent heat and contaminant transport; model calibration; definition of well catchment areas.

This software package is used as a pre- and post-processor, as well as main kernel for the calculations. The pre-processing generates automatically the finite element mesh defining the model discretization. To that end, the user supplies different data sets (e.g., soil uses, rivers, boundary conditions) and interplays with them. The post-processor manipulates the calculated data sets and allows the user to present them in different ways or to export them in different formats.

Other Groundwater software packages

  • CASA (1/2/3D transient FE-model, inverse modelling, sensitivity analysis, well catchment areas using Random Walk method).
  • iTOUGH2 (Multiphase flow and heat transport with parameter estimation/IM).
  • TRANSIN (Transient model calibration; groundwater flow and contaminant or heat transport).

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