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- Version DOS - PONA Software Package


PONA Software Package is a DOS version software that work and is portable for any PC operation system. It has an interface with HP Chemstation to read Chemstation .D files. Based on internal calibration, standard retention data and the retention times from PONA columns (both 50m and 100m version), it automatically identifies 75-90% of 300 to 600 peaks from a gasoline sample. Once peaks are identified, the software calculates physical properties and Iso-octane values of a gasoline sample and generates printable reports as QC record. The following is an example of FCC gasoline sample results on a GsBP-PONA, 50m x 0.20mm x 0.5um (9002-PONA).


Similar to our PONA software, NGA software package is also a DOS version package for natural gas analysis. It reads HP-Chemstation data files from an analysis based on our configuration. It calculates all physical properties of a natural gas sample, such as BTU, dew point, specific density, and others.

High Temperature Sim-Dis Package
The HT Sim-Dis package includes software, calibration standard, and column and supply kit for Sim-Dis analysis. It analyzes compounds and generates boiling point plot up to 700C.


GS-Tek offers industry focused analyzers listed in the following:

  • Natural gas analyzer (NGA, C1 to C12)
  • Fast Refinery gas analyzer (FRGA, C1 to C6)
  • Detail Hydrocarbon Analysis (DHA, C1 to C12)
  • Trace level sulfur analyzer (TLSA)
  • Gasoline analyzer (D2887, D2887X, D7169)
  • Oxygenates in Gasoline


GS-Tek offers spare/repair instrument components for various brand names, such as Agilent 6890, HP-5890 GCs, Thermo Focus and Trace, and others.

Common parts include: injector, detector and jet, sensor and heater, fan, electronics, valve, sampling valves, gas sampling system.

Separation Services

GS-Tek provides professional service for separation and analysis consultation on a project base. Such services include:

  • Instrument configuration
  • Sample preparation for analysis
  • Columns and method
  • Data analysis and software
  • Contracting installation or maintenance on-site
  • On-site training

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