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HAZMATMANAGER is your total software solution from DESERTMICRO that is an open and flexible information system for First Responders, Clean-Up, treatment, and hazardous waste disposal companies. The enterprise-wide application is designed to manage your entire business, not just your accounting, scheduling and billing. We uphold the highest quality standards of software and deliver unparalleled levels of support to bring your organization into one software product.

To improve productivity, it’s not your people who have to work harder, it’s your software. Welcome to the hardest working software on the market – HAZMATMANAGER.

We developed HAZMATMANAGER in conjunction with many environmental services and the hazardous waste disposal companies in North America to manage your business from the first phone call to the scheduling or equipment and crew, to the accounting, and even collection of receivables and provide you with in-depth analysis of every aspect that contributes to your bottom line.

From hazardous and non-hazardous drum and bulk waste in liquid, solid, semi-solid, sludge and gas forms, to the infrastructure of waste management facilities, our software tracks and helps manage every step of your process.

DesertMicro invites you to take a closer look at HAZMATMANAGER. For an interactive tour of HAZMATMANAGER, call us to schedule a live online demo.

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