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hazMIN allows complete chemical inventory tracking and environmental reporting for SARA Tier II, Form R Thresholds and Releases, VOC emissions, and more. Federal and state environmental regulations require a variety of environmental reports. The person responsible for environmental, health, and safety has the daunting task of developing systems to generate the reports.

hazMIN Environmental Reporting is specifically designed to address environmental compliance reporting for the receipt, manufacture, consumption, shipment, storage, disposal, release, and emission of hazardous materials. hazMIN's flexibility allows the authorized user to focus on their specific reporting needs.

Regulatory Reporting integrates all environmental compliance reporting with the user's Safety Data Sheets (SDS) information. It can even integrate the user's inventory data. Such data may be in the form of existing purchasing or inventory systems, or may be generated by bar code systems. When the user's existing systems are not sufficient to document hazardous material/waste inventory or movements, hazMIN Environmental Reporting Software includes powerful tools to augment available data with any necessary manual entry.

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