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Historical Weather Data Software


Historical weather data are the basis for analyses, operational planning, evaluations and studies. Our time series are very precise and available for coordinates around the world.

It is an optimal foundation e.g. for:

  • Site evaluations
  • Cost- and performance calculations
  • Weather-based assessments

The time series we offer are based on the reanalyses data of the ECMWF projects ERA-Interim and ERA-20C. You can choose from a very broad range of weather parameters and we will deliver the data instantly and with a small memory footprint.

ERA-Interim is a global reanalysis project of the European weather service EMCWF. The atmospheric conditions are represented in a high temporal and spacial resolution beginning in 1979. This model-based approach covers a wide range of weather parameters.

ERA-20C is also a global reanalysis project of the European weather service ECMWF. With a high spacial resolution a much longer time span of over 100 years is covered.

AntiGap complements your time series and helps to get the best out of your data. Based on SmartCast and re-analysis models, your measurements can be extended up to fourty years in the past and possible data gaps can be closed accurately.

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