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hyd-RO-dose modeling software gives treatment personnel an unbiased mineral scale and inhibitor modeling tool for reverse osmosis systems. Evaluate an entire operating range for 20+ scale forming species and select appropriate treatment for optimal recovery.

hyd-RO-dose uses the same innovative approach to model mineral scale potential that French Creek uses to predict mineral scale formation in North Sea deep gas wells.

The interface and calculation engine were designed to enable even a novice computer user the ability to:

  • Evaluate scale potential for 20 + different species
  • Determine a systems optimal operating range
  • Test the effect of pH controls
  • Select a suitable treatment & dosage


hyd-RO-dose enables users to view scale potential over their entire operating range.

This means a user can quickly find:

  • When scale becomes an issue
  • Which scales require treatment
  • If treatment can extend recovery range

Operate more efficiently with hyd-RO-dose Basic and Premium Editions.

hyd-RO-dose enables users to model treatments using our extensive inhibitor library of models, or with your own models created using a Laboratory Edition.

Using a Product Manager Edition, a user can create a Product File by selecting any number of materials and by assigning actives.

Once a Product File is created, model it! hyd-RO-dose's color coded graphs and Treatment Limits Summary show the treatments range of effectiveness. hyd-RO-dose also recommends a dosage for any point in your operating range.

Materials available include:

  • HEDP
  • ATMP
  • HEDP
  • PBTC
  • PAA
  • PMA
  • + Many Proprietary Materials

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