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- Version BFI+ - Baseflow Separation Software



Software for baseflow separation from a hydrogram. The program includes a choice of 11 methods for separation. It includes methods such as local minimum, fixed interval or sliding interval methods; and also methods of recursive digital filters.

BFI+ was developed for baseflow separation from daily or weekly time series of river discharges. For these purposes it is possible to use one of 11 separation algorithms:

  • Local minimum method
  • Fixed interval method
  • Sliding interval method
  • One-parameter method
  • Boughton two-parameter method
  • IHACRES (three-parameter method)
  • BFLOW (Lynie & Holick algorithm)
  • Champman algorithm
  • Furey & Gupta filter
  • Eckhardt filter
  • EWMA filter

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