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- Version FDC - Flow Duration Curves Tool



A tool from the older generation that allows calculating and rendering of flow duration curves. For example, these curves are often used in the assessment of hydrological drought. Flow duration curves can be created from the entire imported time series or from defined parts, such as annual or monthly segments.

The FDC tool was created for the analysis of flow duration curves. Into the program you can import daily or weekly time-series (river discharge, temperature, groundwater level ...). Duration curves can be calculated for:

  • The whole time-series
  • Individual years
  • Individual months
  • Specific time period (defined by build-in filter)

In FDC it is also possible to calculate the Master Duration Curve, which is obtained from results of annual flow duration curves by averaging. From calculations you can exclude zero values, what is frequently used in the analysis of flow duration curves of ephemeral rivers in arid areas.

Like in other HydroOffice tools, all results can be analyzed in table or graphical form.

In addition to the processing of one input data file the tool allows you to calculate duration curves automatically for large number of prepared input files, without the user intervention. In the program you can use mass processing of duration curves for:

  • Individual years
  • Individual months
  • Whole time-series

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