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The HEC Data Storage System (HEC-DSS or just DSS) stores data in a fashion convenient for inventory, retrieval, archiving and model use. The DSS was primarily designed for water resource applications. The user may interact with the data base through: Utilities that allow entry, editing, and display of information. Application programs that read from and write to the data base. Library routines that can be incorporated in any program to access data base information. The DSS provides a means for: storing and maintaining data in a centralized location, providing input to and storing output from application programs, transferring data between application programs, and displaying the data in graphs or tables. The HEC-DSS Package contains programs DSPLAY, DSSITS, DSSPD, DSSTS, DSSTXT, DSSUTL, DSSMATH, DSSSHF, SHFDSS, NWSDSS, WATDSS, DWINDO and REPGEN.

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