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- Economical Hydronic Design Software


HySelect makes it easy to determine the right valve size, pre-setting values and the most economical system design. You simply put into HySelect;

  • Pipe lengths
  • Terminal unit design flow
  • Differential pressure.
In return you will get;

  • Required pump head
  • Detailed lists of optimally sized products, like control and balancing valves
  • Plant structure (hydronic network) for uploading to balancing instruments
  • Total length of pipes by diameter
  • Water volume in piping

Verification that the plant works as designed…HySelect communicates with our new balancing instrument TA SCOPE which makes it easy for you to upload and download system information to/from TA SCOPE. This speeds up the balancing process and enables you to check that commissioning is in line with original design. Then you upload the plant structure (hydronic network) designed in HySelect to TA-SCOPE and perform the balancing. Once the plant has been balanced the measured data is downloaded to HySelect. The flow, differential pressure, 2 temperatures, differential temperature and power are verified. You document the information by printing the balancing report.

…and throughout the system lifetimeWe want the hydronic system to work as intended throughout the system life time. With TA SCOPE and HySelect you can easily perform logging to check that the system performs as desired.

Use TA SCOPE to log flow, differential pressure, 2 temperatures, differential temperature and power. To analyze the measured data, download it to HySelect.

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