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The complete pre-flight documentation fast and easy. Aero Weather for SADIS 2G. Your SADIS System needs replacement: You are very probably aware that the SADIS 1G system will be switched off by the end of 2008. In addition, significant changes related to TAF will be applied on 5th November 2008 according to ICAO Annex 3 Amendment 74. There are only few months left for securing a new solution. If this action requires a hardware upgrade as well as a software upgrade, it might become a rather big project.

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BUT: There is a shorter and much simpler way available:

  1. You can get the software now for free for a limited evaluation period!
    This will allow you to work immediately with SADIS FTP (full SADIS stream superior to SADIS 1G, only Internet connection is needed).
  2. Later, you can purchase SADIS 2G hardware separately
    The supplier will already be aware of the software you have, and a pre-configured receiver will be delivered. This can easily be put away even to the next year.
  3. When you like the software, you can register it to get an unlimited license including a one-year warranty.

The software package is the most advanced and most powerful one on the market, and above all – it is designed to be the most valuable one for your money too!

We want to provide you with an easy and understandable guidance on how to migrate to SADIS 2G in a very convenient and simple way, using the best and most user-friendly tool available.

Our Special Offer!

We are offering you NOW the world’s most convenient, modern and efficient SADIS Workstation Software – for free so that you can evaluate it. You will get the following benefits:

  • Industry-leading and up-to-date Pilot Briefing software for SADIS 2G.
  • Compliance with the ICAO Amendment 74 coming into operation on November 2008.
  • Software that can run on your standard Windows computer in a matter of minutes, with instant BUFR SIGWX and GRIB charts.
  • Using SADIS FTP you can do an outstanding briefing immediately – this will give you sufficient time to upgrade your receiver to 2G later, or even next year.
  • User friendly tool that can be used with minimal training. In addition, handy computer-based-training (CBT) is included, so your staff can very quickly learn how to perform the tasks needed.

Best of all: if you choose this tool, you are not under time pressure any more!

Note: This special offer is valid till the end of 2008.

You can order the SADIS 2G hardware whenever you want (even next year); you will obtain a ready-to-use equipment pre-configured from the supplier and all you need to do is just to replace your old receiver with the new one.

Benefits you get

  • Software compliant to SADIS 2G and ICAO Amendment 74
  • Easiest to use and most advanced software, at the best value for money ever
  • Guarantee for technical superiority
  • Splitting SADIS 2G upgrade into two totally independent and very simple purchases
  • Modular system that can be extended to a high-end forecaster system whenever you decide

How to upgrade?

Here are three simple steps for you to proceed with the upgrade. Keep in mind: there is no commitment from your side if you just try the software; you can decide on your own if you like it, or not.
It is as simple as 123:

  1. Fill in the form to get your free software download. Download it, and install on your Windows PC.
  2. Send an e-mail to UK Met Office to get your SADIS FTP password and enter it.
  3. Run the software and use it; just go ahead and provide briefing documents to your customers – they will be pleased!

Once you decide you like the software, it is again just 1-2-3:

  1. When you decide to get a new satellite receiver, just contact your hardware provider and tell them you are using Aero Weather – they will already know what to do.
  2. You will get two boxes: one with a modem and another one with a receiver. Just plug them instead of your old receiver, and that’s it, you’ve upgraded!
  3. Contact us to get permanent license – it is the cheapest and most advanced SADIS Workstation on the market!

Isn’t it the simplest way ever?


  • Highly efficient software instantly providing briefing documents with OPMET data, BUFR SIGWX and GRIB charts – all you need is a PC and a printer.
  • Runs on ordinary Windows PC
    (Note: Linux version is also available, but is not part of the promo offer; please contact us if you are interested.)
  • Computer-based-training (CBT) is included, to demonstrate you how to use the software and how to do your briefing tasks.
  • Runs seamlessly with SADIS FTP. (No hardware needed! Just Internet connection 128kBit or higher, and that’s all.)
  • Easily connects to a SADIS 2G receiver – just order it from the manufacturer, tell them you are using Aero Weather, and you get it ready-to-use, no setup needed.
  • The most advanced WAFS Workstation on the market.
    • Tested to comply with the requirements of UK Met Office.
    • Supports changes of ICAO Amendment 74 that will become effective on 5th November 2008 (if you don’t upgrade, your old software will not work for briefing any more!)
    • First software supporting GRIB2, or adjacent long-haul flight charts.

All tools are handy – just add a Pilot, and that’s it.

We have designed the software to be as easy as possible! Just try it…

Further steps

  1. As an answer to your request you will get detailed instructions on how to proceed.
  2. If you don’t have an ftp account at the ftp server of the UK Met Office yet, follow the instructions given in our e-mail to inquire for an account.
  3. Download the SADIS software package.
  4. Install the package on a Windows PC and activate it.
  5. Use it! It is fully functional now and simple to use (CBT training included).

You are not under pressure any more with regards to SADIS 1G deactivation, or with Amendment 74 changes to codes.

And you can do your first briefing with the new workstation just within few minutes from your decision of getting it – isn’t it great?

When you decide it is time to replace your satellite receiver

You do not need to do it in 2008; just do it whenever you want. We have agreed with the hardware manufacturer to provide you as cheap a replacement as possible, already pre-configured. All you need to do is:

  1. Contact the manufacturer and tell them you are using Aero Weather.
  2. Upon purchase, you will get two boxes shipped.
  3. Unpack and connect them instead of your old receiver, as shown here.
  4. Open the satellite channels in Aero Weather.
  5. Use it!

Congratulations for your new SADIS 2G!

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