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Online Weather is a web portal developed for the automatic publishing of meteorological information online. It is a custom-build WWW server that allows a meteorological office to present products for their clients via the Internet. It allows to supply paying customers with pre-specified meteorological products, as well as to provide public access to the selected meteorological information, such as satellite images or city temperatures. Online Weather cooperates with Visual Weather as a data source and utilize it for the data processing and preparation of meteorological images. It can display text-based products and forecasts, data extracted or computed from received data, e.g. forecasts from GRIB/GRID messages, images and image animations, T4 maps, radar and satelite pictures combined with other products.

New Presentation

Online Weather joins high quality meteorological outputs with the newest presentations technologies. Through the Internet you can bring the weather to homes of common people and in this manner present your meteorological office in a simple and easy understandable way. But do not forget that your Intranet Online Weather presentation may give a fast access to the needed information also to your personnel.

Technology & Dynamics

Online Weather incorporates modern web technologies like Macromedia Flash, Java Script, Java, DHTML: all this can give dynamics and attractivity to your presentation. You may forget ugly old web sites because the best web designers in the market will prepare the graphical and multimedia behavior for you.

Security & Availability

Your Online Weather system can be separated from your office to maximize the site connectivity and availability. This also keeps your office protected from hackers and other intruders.

Operating System

  • Microsoft Windows, Solaris, Linux
  • Visual Weather with the Online Weather module

System Requirements

  • full Internet connectivity, located in DMZ or web-hosting facility
  • HTTP software


  • HTML 4.0 and CSS 1.0 specifications

Data Formats

  • HTML, Macromedia Flash, PNG, JPEG, AVI, MPEG produced by Visual Weather with the Online Weather module

Main Functions

  • dynamic presentation of meteorological products on the Internet or intranet in world wide known formats (HTML, Macromedia Flash, PNG, JPEG, AVI, MPEG)
  • automatical decoding of meteorological observations in WMO formats by Visual Weather and injection into the web server
  • automatical generating of observation and forecast maps, including remote-sensing imagery by Visual Weather and injection into the web-server
  • intergration of third-party products
  • archivation of products
  • user specific and protected areas
  • customer defineable web components

Output delivery

  • public or secured web access (HTTP or HTTPS)
  • e-mail
  • mailing list subscriptions

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