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To cover need of our customer for fast, simple and reliable receiving system for EUMETCast/DWDSat and to easily obtain full advantage of extremely wide range of meteorological satellite products available from Meteosat Second Generation (MSG), IBL Software Engineering has developed an outstanding reception system called Satellite Weather.

Although Satellite Weather was primarily developed for seamless integration with Visual Weather and Aero Weather forecasting systems, it is also designed for perfect integration with other third-party systems. Our MSG reception system allows to receive all kind of data distributed by EUMETSAT (EUMETCast) as well as by DWD (DWDSat) in exceptional cost-effective manner. Meteorological Offices can easily obtain high-quality meteorological data including satellite images with world-wide coverage, take full advantage of exceptional 12 channels of MSG satellite, or even receive model forecasts and operational bulletins.

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