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What if you could continuously track and report progress against economic, environmental and social performance goals? The IHS Corporate Responsibility Solution™ allows your company to identify new business growth opportunities, manage risk and realize cost reductions in the stakeholder engagement process. The IHS Corporate Responsibility software helps you implement, manage and document your organization's sustainability program while promoting proactive sustainability management throughout the enterprise.

The IHS Corporate Responsibility Solution allows you to track, proactively manage and report on all types of related data including:

  • Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) and other voluntary reporting initiatives
  • Internal corporate responsibility goals
  • Human health and environmental impact analysis and management of materials and products used

IHS Corporate Responsibility software addresses your company's need for sustainability management and reporting in a manner that is transparent, auditable and verifiable. The solution helps you implement your corporate sustainability strategy organization-wide while developing and promoting a culture of proactive sustainability management. By making simple, easy-to-use tools available and relevant to every employee, the solution takes you far beyond the retrospective sustainability reporting that spreadsheets provide. Instead, you and your staff gain the visibility to track, manage and improve sustainability performance throughout the company, all year long. Bringing together a combination of internal operational data, external sustainability-related data, effective task management, communication and reporting tools, the IHS Corporate Responsibility Solution lets you address sustainability challenges such as:

Performance Metrics Management: 

  • Tracks and manages your key performance indicators (KPIs), whether internally developed sustainability metrics or any other type of performance or sustainability-related metrics
  • Provides dashboards to let you benchmark performance of facilities or business units, track performance status and proactively makes changes

Water Footprinting: 

  • Calculates your water footprint from your supply chain to your operations, for sustainability reporting, CDP reporting, or other stakeholder reporting

Green Procurement:

  • Easily assesses the health and environmental impact of the materials and products used in your operations and product development, so you can make informed choices about which products to use

Sustainability Reporting:

  • Reports your company's sustainability performance according to any system desired, internally developed metrics, and more

Supply Chain and Product Footprint Scorecarding and Management:

  • Tracks the materials makeup of your products and supply chain

The IHS Corporate Responsibility Solution enables you to:

  • Streamline the data collection associated with your company's CR program, saving valuable time and money
  • See your sustainability position at any time, using user-configurable dashboards
  • Promote your company's sustainability strategy by making easy-to-use data collection, analysis and task management tools available to every employee
  • Accommodate both organizational and regulatory change through a flexible and configurable system
  • Evaluate, substitute and reformulate hazardous chemical products ahead of consumer, industry and regulatory pressures

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