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iMOD stands for Interactive MODeling and is an user-friendly interface (iMOD and iMODFLOW) to support the use of (large-scale) groundwater flow models, based upon the concept of MODFLOW 1. Specially designed such that is can handle large models that can not be supported by commercial GUIs, such as GMS, Visual Modflow.

iMODs philosophy is to construct input files for a variaty of parameters that are needed for the groundwater flow model, on a large scale. Instead of focussing on a local area for which a local study needs to be carried out, more data is collected for a larger area to be able to construct different local model in the near) future. As a result, the applicability of the model increases though not only different model can be constructed on a spatial scale, model can be constructed with different grid sizes with local grid refinements too.

Another simplification to the commercial packages is that iMOD uses iMODLOW that restrict the number of different input formats dratically to maximal 4, whereby one format takes about 90% of all input- and outputparameter into account.

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