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iMonitor is an independent software data archiving system, designed to facilitate users saving costs on the printing, review, management and storage of machine records. iMonitor works with Autoclaves, Washer Disinfectors and Ultrasonic Units. The iMonitor software allows the technician to record and archive all critical data essential for parametric release of processed loads from the machines. This information can then be accessed through a user friendly online dashboard.

Eliminate Paperwork from your Process
iMonitor eliminates paperwork from the decontamination process and ensures that all data is stored online in a secure environment.
There is no longer any need to store the paper that records machine activity. This information is now available online in PDF format. Each PDF is time and date stamped and has an electronic signature indicating which staff member signed off on the printout. Each staff member is assigned a unique pin number which improves accountability.

Huge Saving per Machine
As part of the development and viability of this product, we have surveyed and compared the running costs of a paper based system versus iMonitor. We have found that the iMonitor system generates significant savings to the department year on year.

Better Patient Outcomes
Full user access to the machine cycle records allows for manual backup to local network areas, emailing and printing of records at any time or access to the iMonitor Cloud. In the event of a historical cycle record request, you can have the information at the click of a mouse for immediate distribution to the relevant personnel allowing them to take quick action and improve patient outcomes.

Independent Monitor system
An Independent Monitor system to watch over Autoclave/Washer/Ultrasound cycles. A combination of hardware and software allows cycles to be monitored in real time. This system also facilitates the review of cycle data, along with electronic sign-off and most importantly an easy to use archiving system to retrieve cycle data at any point.


  • The iMeter devices securely transfer any data to our web service via AES 256 encryption.
  • We use our own Custom Vodafone SIM card that uses a VPN connection so that no rogue services or devices can send in data to the web service.
  • Our servers operate in a secure location and are mirrored off-site to pro-tect/backup all data


  • Our application server runs on a Linux platform using Apache2, MySQL and PHP.
  • We use MySQL servers to store all the data. Access to the MySQL server’s password protected. Users must have a “Company ID”, “Username” and  “Password” to access their specific data.
  • Access to the service can only use the “https” service to further enhance data security.
  • Access to the service can be limited to static IP range for extra security.
  • All “Password’s” and “PIN’s” are MD5 hashed.

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