IHS Markit

Industrial Hygiene


IHS enables you to protect workers through the anticipation, recognition, evaluation, prevention and control of occupational hazards. IHS provides the ability to evaluate the effectiveness of your industrial hygiene program and support increased productivity by reducing operational risks and costs.

Health and safety professionals need the ability to quickly assess potential risks and develop strategies to limit exposure and protect worker safety. IHS software, content and expertise provide the tools you need to ensure compliance with US and international occupational health standards, monitor workplace conditions, assess risk exposures, collect and document exposure data and identify opportunities to further control exposures.

Key benefits:

  • Defines similar exposure groups (SEGs), defines exposure profiles for each SEG, and judge the acceptability of exposure profiles.
  • Performs and tracks qualitative exposure assessments, documents priority ratings and determines exposure decisions to facilitate sampling plan development
  • Identifies key operations, activities, or work areas with the potential for exposure, as well as the different job tasks performed in those areas
  • Documents all circumstances related to a monitoring event including controls, PPE and exposure conditions
  • Manages sample results and calculates time-weighted averages/mixed exposures for chemical agents
  • Calculates time-weighted average concentrations for chemical and non-chemical agents allowing comparison to occupational exposure limits and regulatory standards
  • Tracks the calibration of testing equipment to ensure accurate sampling results
  • Generates user-configurable exposure notification reports for communicating sampling results and analysis to employees
  • Tracks employee jobs, processes, tasks, personal protective equipment and exposure controls
  • Provides preloaded physical and chemical property data for more than 1500 chemicals including those that pose the highest risk to workers. Users can also maintain exposure limits and other regulatory information for chemical and non-chemical agents
  • Tracks engineering controls by location, installation date, status, and effectiveness, and document which controls are in place during any monitoring event
  • Maintains an inventory of the personal protective equipment (PPE) and documents the PPE worn by an employee during exposure-monitoring sessions

With IHS software, content and expertise, you can make EHS&S industrial hygiene part of a unified strategy for Enterprise Sustainability Management, supported by a single world-class provider.