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Training Module provides tracking and analyzing of training activities, including the training history of employees. With an extensive alerts function, users are able to generate reports identifying employees who need recertification and training for specific job assignments. Automatic e-mail alerts notify employees of classes and required re-training.

  • Track OSHA Required Training
  • Easy to Use Forms for Batch Updates of Employee Training Records
  • Develop Catalog of Training Records
  • Training Profile Tool to Match Training by Job Title, Location, Department and More
  • Look up Employee Incident History, Traning Hisotry, and Required Training
  • Schedule Training Classes by Location, Job Title, and Due Date
  • Automatic Alerts of Scheduled, Upcoming, and Overdue Training
  • Easy Integration with Human Resource Systems and Employee Data

  • OSHA Training Compliance Reports
  • Standard Reports -Employee Certificates, Class Rosters, Required Training, and More.
  • Multiple Dashboards including Expired Training, Attendance and Pass Rates, and Top Classes

  • Add/Edit/Remove Fields
  • Configure Automatic Email Notifications
  • Upload Supporting Documents -Training Content, Class Syllabus, Test Results, and More.
  • Compare Indicators across Modules
  • Export and Search Features
  • Multiple Locations, Users, Regions Etc.
  • Available in Multiple Languages

Training is the cornerstone of any business' development, and a strong training process for employees can be a valuable tool for corporations that wish to improve health and safety procedures. However, without some level of organization and accessibility, training documents, methods and exercises can fall by the wayside, and the effectiveness of these programs may suffer.

IndustrySafe's comprehensive health and safety management software includes a training module that is ideal for businesses that wish to consolidate these resources in one convenient location. When combined with IndustrySafe's other intuitive modules, the training component offers safety coordinators a more complete safety management software.


When managers use paper records or spreadsheets to track training tasks and employee certification, there may be a higher potential to fall behind on retraining or unintentionally skip over important steps.

IndustrySafe's training management software module amalgamates employee training records in one location, providing managers easier access and increased visibility. Attachments, such as class syllabi, test results or training content, can be uploaded directly to the module to build a comprehensive training catalog.

In addition, supervisors can make batch updates to easily alter multiple training records at once. An intuitive profiling tool allows managers to cross-reference training responsibilities with job titles and locations to determine which workers in each department need to complete each step of training.

IndustrySafe's training management software module can also be integrated with a company's existing human resource system, providing managers with the ability to keep employee information updated consistently across departments. By comparing metrics across modules - incident reporting, observations and training - supervisors can determine if certain workers are prepared to handle specific workplace responsibilities, thus cutting down on costly incidents or injuries


Compliance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines is another important concern for safety managers. Training plays an important role in this matter, as properly educated workers is a requirement of numerous OSHA regulations.

Safety coordinators can use IndustrySafe's training management software module to ensure that employees are in compliance with OSHA training requirements  and can track vital metrics such as course pass rates, expired credentials and class attendance. Other reporting capabilities allow managers to analyze class rosters, employee certification and required training metrics.

Automated email notifications can notify supervisors about scheduled, upcoming or overdue training courses. As a result, fewer workers may fall behind on training tasks, and managers can minimize the number of employees operating without the proper credentials. These details can all be tracked by facility location, job title, date and region, among other factors.

Discover a full-service workplace safety solution with IndustrySafe

IndustrySafe's training management software module is one of several tools safety coordinators have at their fingertips when they purchase this safety management software. Cross-module indicators allow executives to monitor each individual aspect of their business' safety and health concerns with as much detail and specificity as needed.

In addition, the software's dashboard can be customized for convenient visibility suited for each manager's individual needs. As a centralized source for an organizations' safety and health management, IndustrySafe is the top safety software for supervisors who need to ensure OSHA regulatory compliance, manage employee training and observations and stay on top of incident reporting.

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