- Advanced Analytics Mathematical Engine Software


Our InflowSolve mathematical engine provides advanced analytics and unlocks deeper insights into the operation of the network.

Advanced Analytics

Advanced analytics unlocks the power of the InflowSolve™ mathematical engine and provides deeper insights into the operation of the network.

Multiple asset based alerts are used in conjunction with accurate time synchronised data from our ULTP™ algorithm that provides accuracy to less then 10ms without the need for a GPS signal to accurately localise network events.

The Burst / Leak Alert and Localisation feature enables a faster find approach using both transient events and our patent pending equivalent network model thereby reducing operational expenditure and directly improving customer experience (C-Mex).

The Transient Source Characterisation and Localisation feature identifies and categorises anomalous transient signatures to support the mitigation of unstable hydraulic conditions and to prioritise interventions and asset management.

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