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ACIS, Instem’s Animal Care Information System, is the complete animal management software solution - efficiently managing the requisition, procurement and reporting of animal usage within research establishments. ACIS is a global solution that supports IACUC workflow and European Directive 2010/63/EU.

  • Single click automatic scoringfor unrivalled speed and reproducibility
  • Includes all major measurement parametersincluding Tail % DNA, Olive Tail Moment, Tail Length and more
  • Interactive hedgehog counterallows you to integrate severely damaged hedgehog comets with the rest of your measurement data
  • Powerful Spreadsheet Generatorprovides analysis & comparison of data
  • Flexible study management facilitieshelp you work your own way
  • Meet regulatory requirementscomprehensive compliance options for GLP & 21CFR
  • Detailed and comprehensive audit trailsincluding saved images of scored cells
  • Oracle database connectivityfor optimal security of result and audit data
  • Comprehensively tested and validatedin accordance with our Quality Management System which is approved to ISO 9001:2008 incorporating ISO 90003

Score comets from Live Video

Using a high resolution digital camera attached to your microscope, Comet Assay IV transfers a live video picture to your screen. Any refocusing or stage movements performed at the microscope level are shown live on screen without any lag or delay.

Comet Assay IV introduces a revolutionary automatic scoring method in which a single click on a comet initiates & completes the entire measurement cycle, including background correction, determination of head and tail regions and computation of all parameters.

With Comet Assay IV, you simply click once on each comet you wish to score. This has productivity and reproducibility advantages over manual framing methods that require users to position a measurement frame around each individual cell. Once all the comets within in a field of view have been scored, you can use your microscope’s stage controls to find the next set of cells to be scored.

Eliminate user subjectivity and Bias

Comet Assay IV’s scoring method does not require the configuration of any adjustable settings, thereby eliminating all subjectivity from the scoring process. Comet Assay IV automatically compensates for slides with uneven backgrounds or varying levels of brightness, ensuring comparable results across a wide range of slides; even highly damaged ‘hedgehog’ comets can be accurately and consistently measured. In addition, to further remove user bias, measurements for each slide are viewable within a scrollable results window, which can be hidden entirely for those wishing to score blind.

Graph and Report Data

Having obtained your results, you can create graphs, tabulate data and calculate statistics using  the Spreadsheet Generator, which is included free with every Comet Assay IV system. The Spreadsheet Generator is an application built in Excel for drawing graphs, tabulating data and calculating statistics from your Comet Assay IV results. Because it is built in Excel, it can easily be customised using any of Excel’s standard functions and features.

Integrate slide coding, data acquisition, reporting and statistics

Comet Assay IV links directly to Cyto Study Manager which manages slide coding, labelling and reporting without the need for transcription or copying & pasting data. See the Cyto Study Manager product page for more information.

Live video measurement system for the comet assay

  • Single click automatic scoring
  • Accurate, repeatable results
  • Tail % DNA, tail moment, tail length and more
  • Integrated hedgehog counter
  • Graph and chart your comet data
  • GLP compliance, auditing and user control

  • Scoring : Click&ScoreTM – a single click on a comet initiates & completes the entire measurement cycle. Measurement performed & results returned instantly. Ability to score ‘blind’ if desired. Comets can be scored live or from saved images.
  • Study Scope : No constrains on study scope or layout. Any number of cells per slide. Configurable message appears when set number of comets have been scored.
  • Productivity : With Click&Score, users can score a typical slide in two minutes. Individual cells are scored instantly.
  • Help & Tutorials :  In-depth help system includes tutorials and comprehensive guides on system setup and configuration.
  • Configurations : Unlimited number of system configurations can be created for different study requirements. Configurations include setup information on how the system operates in a specific situation.
  • Calibrations : Unlimited number of calibrations can be saved for different microscope objectives.
  • Headings : Each system configuration can be configured with any number of headings for study ID, slide ID, dose etc. Configurable as revert to blank or revert to previous entry.
  • Electronic Records & Signatures : Compatible with the System Access Manager for compliance with FDA 21 CFR Part 11 Final Rule on Electronic Records & Electronic Signature.
  • Audit Trails : Encoded audit trail files automatically record all system activity including settings, measurement data and edits. Audit trail data can also be sent directly to an Oracle database.
  • User Levels : Supervisor & User levels.
  • User Access Rights : Supervisors may lock any of the menus, or selected options within them, to deny Users access to particular functions.
  • Validation : Comprehensively tested and validated in accordance with our Quality Management System which is approved to ISO 9001:2008 incorporating ISO 90003. Validation and project documentation supplied with system.
  • Visualisation : Full pseudocolour overlay and onscreen gamma correction to help users visualise cells.
  • Data Processing & Transfer : Powerful new macros allow users to compare data across dose ranges. Macros include statistics, log transforms & frequency distribution graphs. Configurable data transfer to Oracle database.
  • Measurements : All core Comet assay measurement parameters: Tail % intensity, Head % intensity, Olive tail moment, Tail length, Head length, Tail moment, Total area, Mean grey level, Width, Total intensity. Also allows a tally of hedgehog cells to be created.
  • Editing : Interactive editing of head, middle of head and tail positions for badly damaged cells.
  • Video Picture  : High resolution monochrome FireWire CCD camera provides live video at 25 frames per second.
  • Background Correction : Fully automatic adaptive background correction that requires no configuration of settings.
  • Invert Video : Invert video option for scoring silver stained slides.
  • Image functions : Freeze image, Go live, Save to file, Load from file. Range of image loading functions including compatibility with TWAIN devices. Audit image save & retrieve saves images with measurement frame position, allowing measurements to be reproduced at a later date.
  • Minimum Specification : Microsoft Windows XP, 7 or 8. Microsoft Office 2002 or later. Oracle 10g, 11g or 12c if you intend to connect to a database. One free FireWire port, or one free PCIe slot for FireWire expansion board.

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