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Are products and processes missing a key ingredient? As companies struggle under the burden of complex market-specific regulations, exacting industry standards and increased consumer scrutiny, access to reliable regulatory, product and industry content has never been more critical. Without the ability to check for regulatory compliance early in the product development lifecycle teams run the risk of having to rework formulations containing banned or restricted substances or, worse, recall products if they don’t meet regulatory obligations or customer requirements.

Accelerate the development and launch of safe, innovative products With 3E Optimize™, formerly Ariel® Integrated Content, you can seamlessly integrate Verisk 3E’s world renowned substance-level content, built-in classification rules, multilingual phrase and template libraries directly into your corporate systems. 3E Optimize for Flavor, Food & Beverage provides extensive insight into regulated chemicals, ingredients and other substances, facilitating increased operational efficiency, informed decision making and consistent compliance practices throughout the enterprise. No regulatory content provider has more experience than Verisk 3E in integrating regulatory content into corporate systems.


We are the world’s preeminent provider of global EHS regulatory data and global regulatory compliance solutions and services. Our 3E Optimize content covers more than 2000+ international chemical control laws for more than 500,000 chemical substances in more than 100 countries.


Our 3E Optimize for Flavor, Food & Beverage is the most comprehensive and accurate regulatory and scientific offering in the industry, covering food regulations in more than 70 countries in North and South America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

The content encompasses restricted/banned substance lists along with their functional and end product use as well as applicability thresholds, enabling processes such as compliance check and certificate generation, suitability reviews/supplier assessments and more.


With 3E Optimize you can: 

  • Check the regulatory status of ingredients in a formulation to find out if they are permissible in the end product application and use concentration
  • Quickly identify problematic ingredients in multiple jurisdictions
  • Check alternative uses and concentrations
  • Research country regulatory requirements on labeling, nutritional claims, food ingredient standard and other important regulatory drivers


Our core competence is researching, sourcing, aggregating, enriching and maintaining compliance related data and making it available to our customers in a format that is easy to use and based on your specific needs.

3E Optimize is platform agnostic, meaning our content can be fed into nearly any system. Several standard integrations exist, including SAP, Enablon, SciQuest, Biovia’s CISPro (formerly ChemSW), Kelaroo, eRPortal, Intelex, Locus Technologies and of course, our own 3E Generate.


Because 3E Optimize for Flavor, Food & Beverage was built on a cloud-based application, it is extremely flexible and easily integrated into any formulation management system.


3E Optimize is available for integration with SAP’s Recipe Development application, enabling users to seamlessly load data into the SAP property tree to utilize SAP’s Compliance Check functionality.


Food, flavor and beverage content can also be accessed through our 3E Insight for Food solution, formerly ArielLogic, to further research country regulatory requirements on labeling, nutritional claims, food ingredient standards and other important regulatory drivers.

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