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- Communications Software (JCS)


The Jerome Communications Software (JCS) provides additional functionality for the Jerome 431-X Mercury Vapor Analyzer and Jerome 631-X Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer instruments that have the Communications option installed.

For fixed point sampling at a location with a PC available, JCS can be used to interface a Jerome instrument to a computer. The software can control instrument sampling for unattended continuous operation, collect data, graph this data in real time and perform statistical analysis.

If a PC is not available at the location to be sampled, JCS can also program the Jerome Data Logger, AZI P/N 6100-0010. This optional accessory is programmed by JCS and then attached to the instrument at the location to be sampled. The Data Logger enables data storage during manual sampling or portable automatic sampling, without the instrument being attached to a computer. The Data Logger will initiate automatic sampling at the programmed sample interval, trigger alarms when the sampled value exceeds the programmed alarm level and store the sample data collected, up to a maximum of 1,000 sample data points. The logged data may then be downloaded to the computer for storage or analysis when it is convenient.

JCS utilizes the familiar ribbon-style menu interface found in most newer Windows programs and is straightforward and easy to use. Stored data is easily retrieved for later viewing, graphing, printing or editing with spreadsheet or word processing software (not provided), and can also be used for ongoing record keeping or for fulfilling local regulatory requirements.

For best results when using the Jerome® Communications Software, read the entire manual before beginning, and then perform the sections in this manual in the order listed below.

Before beginning, review §3 SYSTEM & EQUIPMENT REQUIREMENTS. Verify that all needed parts are present and the PC to be used meets the minimum requirements listed.

First, set up the hardware, as described in §4 HARDWARE INSTALLATION, either for a direct instrument to PC connection, as described in §4.1, or for Data Logger use, as described in §4.2.

Second, install the software, as described in §5 SOFTWARE INSTALLATION & SETUP

  • Note: as described in §5, the USB Security Key is not plugged in until after the software is installed.

Next, review §6 JCS RIBBON MENU for details on the available program selections and operating options and to configure JCS for your application or sample environment.

Lastly, once the hardware and software are installed, and JCS has been configured as desired, §7 OPERATIONAL EXAMPLES provides examples of the typical JCS operating modes and how to use them. See §7.1for a direct instrument to PC connection or §7.2 for a Data Logger setup.

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