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Petro-SIM is the only purpose-built oil and gas facilities simulator that combines the rich DNA of process simulation with integration to best-in-class KBC and third party software to create leading edge technology that is relevant to the upstream and midstream hydrocarbon industry. Petro-SIM provides the unique capability to model life of facility scenarios from the reservoir through to your processing facilities. Using our innovative technologies significantly improves management of the complex challenges faced by this industry sector and adds clearly identifiable value to your organization’s bottom line.

Apply best-in-class technology to industry problems

Petro-SIM’s integration with Infochem’s Multiflash offers a leading compositional PVT simulator with advanced thermodynamics packages able to handle multiple fluid phases as well as rigorously predict and handle solid phases such as ice and hydrates within the process flowsheet. Adding FEESA Maximus’s thermal hydraulic network simulator provides Life-of-Field integrated production system models from reservoir through to the production facilities. A consistent thermodynamic basis allows all groups working on the project to collaborate effectively and efficiently. This can only be achieved using KBC’s Maximus and Petro-SIM technology along with the Multiflash common thermodynamic basis.

Petro-SIM’s open platform architecture supports the integration of KBC’s and leading third-party technologies relevant to the upstream and midstream hydrocarbon industry segment.

Upstream Applications:

  • Flow Assurance and Production Engineering
  • Process Design Applications 'Life of Field' Alternative Facilities Studies
  • Process Engineering Applications Hydrate Prediction and Mitigation

Midstream Applications:

  • Process Engineering
  • Long-term Strategic Planning for Capital Expenditure Projects
  • Process Design Applications for Mercury Modelling in Gas Cryogenic Facilities

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