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Water Information Systems by KISTERS (WISKI) enhances the collection, management, reporting, and advanced development of water networks. The comprehensive software efficiently streamlines all tasks of the process chain: from data acquisition and storage, to data validation and analyses, to reporting and collaboration. This commercial off-the-shelf solution is often configured to the distinct needs of organizations and their water management priorities, so they don't wait and pay unnecessarily for customized development from scratch. In addition regional and state groups are collaborating more easily since they're familiar with the following features and benefits of using WISKI:

  • Flexible Data Acquisition / Import Options
    KISTERS offers monitoring devices from renowned names in the industry and continually tests WISKI to ensure the success of cross-product technology. Since every component of the telemetry network has a unique IP address, clients can define data access by any number of communication channels. In addition WISKI easily enables data import from a range of sources: dataloggers and field data gathering devices, stations, laboratories, and websites. Conveniently integrate information from measuring networks such as Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition (SCADA), Geostationary Operational Environmental Satellite (GOES), California Data Exchange Center (CDEC), the National Weather Service (NWS), and U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) into your data analytics platform.
  • Secure and Unlimited Storage Capacity
    The architecture affords users unlimited storage capacity for an unlimited number of parameters. There are no limitations on SCADA tags. In addition all original raw data is stored separately from edited data.
  • Friendly User Interface
    The graphical user interface allows water data professionals to handle the power of WISKI with ease. Windows display tree view navigation, contents, maps and messages -- providing simple user access to data. Menu ribbons (and keystroke shortcuts) allow users to access information as graphs, tables and ArcGIS mapping tools.
  • Convenient Visualization
    WISKI supports fully automated validation and notification if data violate user-defined rules, and manual inspection. To minimize the challenges of manual quality control, data can be presented via tables, graphs, charts, time series, and maps.
  • Data Access Controls and Complete Audit Trails
    WISKI centralizes all data including metadata that trace modifications to raw data in the system. System administrators can assign varying levels of data access and functionality to users. A complete audit trail of data editing and rollback functionality are available. WISKI also produces log files, documents system states, and sequences of tasks.
  • Versatile Reporting
    This enterprise software supports compliance with state and federal agencies. Predefined reports can be automated. Several clients also optimize operations with customized reports, which can be scheduled in advance or run as necessary. Users can save reports in popular formats (HTML, PDF, CSV, XLS) export and distribute them via popular communications methods (FTP, email, fax, SMS or web publishing) to partners and reporting agencies. 

  • Address Complex Problems with Greater Collaboration 
    Beyond compliance reporting, lead actionable change when information gathered is better paired with people who can benefit from it. Identify partners and stakeholders with whom data can be safely and easily shared. For example reservoir managers communicate with water quality voluntary monitoring programs, water sports and recreation enthusiasts, and irrigation operations or hydropower generation. 
  • Integration of High-Quality Data 
    A requisite for solving complex environmental challenges is high-quality data. Flexible options to collect data from disparate sources and securely consolidate water data with KISTERS software enables automated QA or manual validation. Real-time quality control options are also available. Transformations of data inputs into a common format make the information meaningful for more in-depth analysis, trend identification, compliance reporting, and modelling.
  • Extreme Consistency 
    Tested by some of the largest water monitoring networks, WISKI and KISTERS experience in robust programming ensure stability and reliability. Our development process focuses on users and their expectation for proven software that has the lowest frequency of failure and the highest ability to bring a failed system back to full operation. Availability and responsiveness are particularly critical issues when 24-hour operations are imperative.
  • Efficient Data Management
    A modern user interface and well-designed visualization tools maximize human use of the information and critical analysis. The analytics platform can apply international standards of statistical and user-defined evaluation procedures. Users can realize new capabilities for operational auditing. Up to 255 quality codes can be applied, so high-quality data is used in statistical calculations like rankings, frequency distributions, double mass analysis, and development of flow-duration curves. QA/QC data are also made possible highly-accurate forecasting and modeling.
  • Efficient Maintenance and Operations 
    Capturing extensive amounts of meta data (e.g. pictures, device serial numbers, inventory tags) enables asset tracking of sondes, sensors, even service vehicles used by staff or volunteers. As a tracking system, WISKI can produce reports to document storage, repair or deployment of monitoring devices.
  • Employee Engagement
    WISKI standardizes and automates routine steps in water data management, so employees – your best assets – are best utilized to support more significant needs of your organization. Our technology can perform complex calculations like long-term 10th and 90th percentiles, constituent loadings, and user-defined formulas. What can your best assets do with high-quality data? KISTERS supports the full engagement of data professionals, thus maximizing employee retention and minimizing costs associated with turnover.  The software is easy to learn and KISTERS provides complete support, so new users can adopt it quickly and thus minimize lost productivity during the onboarding process. If your organization has workplace mentoring programs, our data analytics platform facilitates knowledge transfer as senior staff train junior staff.

The WISKI data analytics platform is highly flexible and scalable. The powerful and advanced data storage, calcuation, visualization and reporting platforms can be integrated with the following application-specific add-ons, in order to meet precise objectives related to the management of water quality and quantity. Prioritize your needs and strategies to use water data to inform decisions regarding operations and long-term supply. 

  • Alarm Manager
    automated and real-time alerts empower operators and management to respond to critical events, including data anomalies, extremes and data gaps
  • ArcGIS Integration & Mapping
    merge spatial / GIS data with time series observations for better water analysis
  • Asset Tracker
    manage metadata to trace deployment, repair, and calibration of equipment for more accuracy and precision in reported monitoring results
  • Big Data
    analytics for large volume, high velocity, and variability of data
  • Biology-Ecology
    evaluate water quality and biological monitoring details with hydrological information for comprehensive and holistic system analysis
  • Chart Digitizer
    consolidate all hardcopy, paper-based data with your digital data archive
  • Data Acquisition and Telemetry
    collect data via remote dataloggers, in-situ sensors and sondes; automate file import and/or conversion; or schedule routine scrapping of public websites
  • Discharge Measurement and Rating Curve Editor
    compare stage and flow measurements to determine the prescence and effects of erosion or sediment deposit
  • Radar Rainfall / Raster Data 
    integrate accurate hydromet data for better forecasts and combined sewer overflows (CSO) control
  • Mobile Solutions 
    field staff capture data with apps for smartphones, tablets, and laptops
  • Modeling
    node-and-link or statistical models stimulate systems to forecast event probability
  • Report Editor
    design the layout of data tables, graphs, and images for reporting or information sharing
  • Resource Optimization
    mathematical modeling tool identifies the most efficient, most advantageous option within complex operations
  • Water Quality
    integrate data from discrete sampling, continuous monitoring, and laboratory analyses / LIMS
  • Web Services
    interoperability functions enable online data sharing with specific stakeholders or the public

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